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  1. FX5-ENET\IP with NZ2FT-EIP

    maybe someone has a working example of connecting FX5-ENET \ IP with NZ2FT-EIP?
  2. FX5-ENET\IP with NZ2FT-EIP

    Hello, Guys. I need Help with some problem.  When trying to establish a connection between FX5ENET \ IP and NZ2FT-EIP, a problem arose: the remote station has an ip address of, FX5-ENET \ IP is  The connection is open U2 \ G37.b0: = true.  An error U2 \ 6262 = 413 occurs.  what could be the problem?
  3. MELSOFT Navigator

    Hi. When i enter IP address for any object, after first octet, 192, for example, i can't type a dot. And i get a message "IP address format is incorrect". What do i doing wrong? Thanks