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  1. 1) You will look to diagnostic buffer for cause or causes of SF and send us more info from diagnostic buffer 2) I´m not sure but 24V in your connection diagram isn´t good, I must set which value you want read - voltage or current and which value. Here is more variants and more connections
  2. OR Word AND Word application

    I use this function for fast reading via VIPA_SpeedBus (323-1BH70 DIO16 Alarm/ETS) PIW words precisely in one cycle PLC or for OB40 .... it´s reading hardware interrupt´s for example       L     PIW  550       L     W#16#100       AW           L     W#16#100       ==I          =     "kwAK" //.       L     PIW  550       L     W#16#200       AW           L     W#16#200       ==I          =     "kwRK" //.       L     PIW  550       L     W#16#400       AW           L     W#16#400       ==I          =     "kwTouch"  
  3. Sinamics G-120 Drive on Profinet

    Hello Raj, yes, you are right ! this PTO/PWM function is possible for easy applications without feedback from the motor encoder. IMHO you need these basic function - MC_power, MC_home, MC_MoveJog, MC_MoveAbsolute or MC_MoveRelative and last MC_CommandTable for traversing, if you need. And your last question ..... sorry, honestly I do not know , every time I always used Starter or Scout for advanced features and safety Have a nice day (आपका दिन शुभ हो) J
  4. Sinamics G-120 Drive on Profinet

    Hello Raj, you must parametrize these telegrams with SW Starter (free) or Scout (licensed) here is link Jenda
  5. S5 RLO

    Hi, i´m not sure maybe can you help this instruction NOP 0 - No operation, all bits set to 0 - if used RLO set to "0" NOP 1 - No operation, all bits set to 1 - if used RLO set to "1" BTW why you need this feature in STEP5 ??