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  1. Now introduce a new product, Kinco HMI MT4414TE-CAN from FastToBuy.com This HMI use 32-bit RISC CPU and streamlined LINUX kernel, you can display a variety of true-color graphics format, and its superior processing speed and software to meet the needs of most users. and with a memory 128M FLASH + 64M SDRAM. The Kinco series HMI configuration editing software (official version): _Kinco HMI software_V2.2_Build131108 is Automatically installed in this product. View more info click here
  2. There are five steps installation, wiring and inspection of Delta HMI DOP-B03S210. Before using this delta product, please read the DOP-B03S210 instruction sheet to ensure correct use. You should thoroughly understand all safety precautions before proceeding with the installation, wiring and operation. Please observe the following precautions: 1. Install the product in a clean and dry location free from corrosive and inflammable gases or liquids. 2. Ensure that all wiring instructions and recommendations are followed. 3. Ensure that HMI is correctly connected to a ground. The grounding method must comply with the electrical standard of the country (Please refer to NFPA 70: National Electrical Code, 2005 Ed.). 4. Do not disassemble HMI, modify or remove wiring when power is applied to HMI. 5. Do not touch the power supply during operation. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock. If you have any questions during operation, you can contact us customer service. You also can download DOP-B03S210 PDF Format from FastToBuy.com DOP-B03S210.pdf

    There are many Delta PLC ES2 on our site, you can have a look, maybe it can help you, search "delta es2" on FastToBuy.com
  4. S7-300 communication beetwen two CPU

    Recommend a SIEMENS S7-300 PLC 6ES7971-1AA00-0AA0 Lithium battery(LS14250C) for S7-300 PLC with plug 3.6V/0.95AH view it here
  5. hmi gto 5310 pass word

    Is this HMI? may be you can ask for our technical staff. http://www.fasttobuy.com/hmigto5310-hmi-104-640480-24vdc-touchscreen-panel-new_p32802.html
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