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  1. Enhanced Security in Proficy 8.5 and 8.6

    RussB I hope you have a great vacation. Also the answer to this exact problem is not on this forum I already did several searches and all of the answers that came up referred to how to solve this problem on a Quick Panel. Have a great day and a safe trip.
  2. Enhanced Security in Proficy 8.5 and 8.6

    First, thanks for responding. Second, I just upgraded from Proficy 7.0 and this was not an issue with that version. I also neglected to mention that this is only in the Windows PC logic set-up NOT a QP. And, yes there is a workaround for Quick Panels. There is a file in the fxView>NT file named local.dll that can be deleted, but this will not work because it is not on a Quick Panel but my PC for simulation. Third, just forget any attempts to help me RussB since you started out your response as if I am to lazy to read directions and document my passwords. After I set my password Proficy crashed and when I reopened it the password I set would not work. Just so you know I used the password "control" for simulation purposes which is like the end all and be all of default passwords for GE products. I obviously made a mistake reaching out for help on this forum. Thanks anyway.
  3. Enhanced Security in Proficy 8.5 and 8.6

    I am running PME (Proficy Machine Edition) 8.6, I was not informed beforehand about how the enhanced security works. When I set the password to clear the error to download the HMI to simulate in ViewRuntime I now get an error message: Error 2391: Unable to Shut Down Runtime - Aborting download It is like the password that I set is not recognized by the system and nothing I have tried so far has reset it. I have tried uninstalling all of Proficy and it's components, but that did not work. I am just looking for a way to be able to load a simulated Runtime and simulate my HMI's. Has anybody dealt with this problem or know a work around or a file that could be deleted to clear the password for the Enhanced Security function? Thank you for any help you give.