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  1. Omron Programming PLC TIMERS

    Thanks for you help Dick. I am an idiot ..... :( and waisted your time. The problem was I hadn't uploaded the code changes I did to the PLC and it just didn't work correctly.. I realised this when I tried to test a simple *U (Multiply) and the result was just gibberish as well, then it hit me that I hadn't uploaded the code. Anyway, it all works great and I apologise again for wasting your time. Regards Steve
  2. Omron Programming PLC TIMERS

    Hi Dick, thanks for getting back. This is what gets displayed in the ladder diagram when I enter H10. the reason is the following entry in the symbol table Regards Steve
  3. Omron Programming PLC TIMERS

    Thanks Dick However, I have already tried this ans it's not working for me :( See below So I entered a value of 300 into H10 (Lamp_On_Time) via the SwitchBox utility and then set bit Q.1.03 to true. However, if I enter say &1200 instead of the memory address H10 it works as expected and counts down 2 minutes. Any ideas ??? Regards Steve
  4. Omron Programming PLC TIMERS

    Hi. I am also trying to use TIMX(550) but have a problem configuring it to get the value from a memory location. How would I set the 'set value' to come from say H10 (user input through HMI) ? When I try this and enter 1200 in to location H10 the timer never starts to count down and always shows &0 while in monitoring mode... Steve
  5. Hi Guys I'm new to Omron PLC's and the NB HMI series terminals. I have a question regarding the status of a currently logged in user. What memory area bit can I check to see if a user is actually logged in ? Secondly, where can I find a document that shows the memory areas and any system words/bits ? I found bits and pieces here and there but nothing that shows the memory area layout in full. Regards Steve