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  1. Beckhoff CP6207

    Hello, I have panel PC CP6207 Beckhoff and I can't find information how connect to it. At the TwinCat System manager I click "Choose target"/"Search ethernet"/"Broadcast Search", and it find nothing. What should I do to set connection?
  2. LG PLC connection to PC

    There is XGT dedicated protocol. And I can get information with them. It's working! May be it will be helpfull for somebody.
  3. LG PLC connection to PC

    Hello I have LSIS plc XGB XBM-dn16s. http://www.lsis.com/product/product.aspx?d1=A03&c=P00139something like this. I have successfully connected thru PADT connector and read programm. But now I want to control PLC from PC. I can't find OPC server which support this type of PLC. I know that I can connect with Modbus, but I don't know how I should set connection. Maybe somebody have some experience with this PLC and can give me advice. PS. Sorry for my English.
  4. FX3U-232-BD

    Thank you for information. Now I can connect ti the PLC with programming protocol. Can you advise, is there free OPC? I want to connect to FX3U via FX3U-232-BD.
  5. FX3U-232-BD

    Hello, now I can connect to the PLC. I write 0 to D8120. But now it's working only in Stop regim.
  6. FX3U-232-BD

    Hello, everyone. I have FX3U-32M PLC with expansion board FX3U-232-BD. I successfully can read and write program through programming port (RS-422 mini-din 8pin) at GX Works2. Now I am trying to connect through FX3U-232-BD, but I can’t. I have a task controlling PLC with OPC server. And I must to connect through FX3U-232-BD, because to the programming port connected touch panel. What should I do, to do it correct. At the program I see, that H81 is writing to the D8120 register. Which means that channel 1 settings is: 9600 speed, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit. But I can’t connect with this settings. Cable which I use: PC PLC 1 1 2 3 3 2 4 6 5 5 6 4 7 NC 8 NC 9 NC I am new in this type of PLC, and I need fast solution. So you are my last hope. Sorry for my English.