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  1. Stepper Motor Control

    Yes...You can Use Delta PLC DVP-12SE or any Transistor output PLC... and Microstep Driver DM542... IF you need to control one motor Y0 and Y1 will be use and if you need two Y2 and Y3 will be Use Relay output cannot be control this high speed pulses There are two type control for stepper drive...DDRVA and DPLSY or DRVA and PLSY Examples are attached for Program in ISPSoft DM542 Manual link   http://tinel.com/uploads/DM542.pdf in case of any help, you can send me email rizwanmfsj@gmail.com  
  2. how to configure and program...FX2n-4AD and FX2n-4AD-PT

    sir, thank you for prompt reply can you type 4 channel program for me like attached photo ? i have very less experience about PLC,
  3. sir, i don`t know how to configure Fx2n-4AD AND Fx2n-4AD-PT module with PLC fx1n-60mr please tell me complete detail of program write in GX develpr..if possible...attach picture of program