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  1. Problem reading analog output value from Q64AD

    A bunch of expletives were said aloud upon seeing that you were correct. Thanks for the help!
  2. I've got a PLC stack with a Q64AD analog-digital converter card. I am attempting to read the digital output value of channel 1 but I am having issues. First of all here is my simple PLC program: I got the program from the Q64AD user manual. You can see there is a blue '0' on the right of line 0. I assume this is the value that is being read? When I monitor the D11 device in GX Developer it shows a '0'. The following is a screen from Online > Monitor > Buffer memory batch. My card has a base address of 0x60 and channel 1's offset is 11d (0Bh). The value on the highlighted line does change so I know that the analog card is correctly picking up on current changes from my source. Lastly here is an image of my digital inputs. I have set up the Q64AD card through the GX Developer PLC Parameter window and left all settings as default. I initially used 'K11' instead of 'H0B'. I have also tried using the MOV command (MOV U0\G61 D11) but that game me the same result. Can anyone spot the flaw in my program of configuration? Do I need to configure the PLC in order to use the 'D' devices? Should I try copying the value somewhere other than D11? Thanks
  3. Built-in Ethernet vs QJ71E71 Module

    Thanks, that is what I expected, and wanted, to hear.
  4. This is my company's first time using a Mitsubishi PLC and our partners/clients advised us against using the built-in Ethernet port on the Q03UDE CPU, saying that we should instead use a standalone QJ71E71 Ethernet module. The QJ71E71 costs 1.5x the CPU module so there are significant savings in using the built-in Ethernet. They cited reliability issues but can anyone here back up their claim? We use our PLCs as simple I/O blocks - a PC runs a program which communicates with the PLC and tells it what outputs to fire. There is no actual ladder logic on the PLC. The PC connects directly to the PLC. I wrote a small C# utility that blasts the QX40 and QY80 input/output cards on my stack with random values and reads them back to ensure correct data transfer. The QJ71E71 Ethernet module averages 10 ms for a read or write operation and the Q03UDE averages 3 or 4 ms (much quicker!). So, does anyone have a reason to use the QJ71E71 port instead of the CPU? Thanks
  5. GX Developer does not detect module serial number

    If you look at my screenshot you'll see that the QX48Y57 module has no serial at all, just a dash "-". At least the other cards display something, so I'm wondering if that's an issue. Also can someone clarify which outputs I should be firing? Is it simply X0, or is there some identifier that GX Dev uses to find the correct card?
  6. Hi, I am very new to Mitsu PLC but have spent some time with Allen-Bradley and Beckhoff. I received an older Q series PLC at work with a Q02 CPU and a few cards. One card is the mixed input/output QX48Y57. It has been wired up with an input switch and output LED but I am unable to detect any input or force any output using GX Developer v8.102G. Adding to the issue, I cannot even detect a serial number for the card through the Diagnostics > System Monitor dialogue. Attached is a screenshot of the "Product Information List" window. It is able to see the card but no serial. I am wondering if this might contribute to my problem of not being able to toggle any I/O. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!