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  1. NB Designer_ Creating of recipe

    Yes, I know it (variable data). I try to explain: Label "program". I used it only for comfortable control. I don't want to used this variable in my program. It is necessary for operator understanding, which sequence of variable now used. In my program I want to use only last five variable (word), where the main information is stored. It should looks in next way: Label "Program" (only NAME for clarifying which sequence of variable now used) - only for operator and for comfortable control Label param 1-4 - Main information, which I need in my program. PS: I hope you are understanding what I mean.
  2. Dear friends. I faced one problem of recipe working. Could somebody help me? I try to create recipe and use it in my program. Fisrt of all I decided to learn how it working and for this I used documentation NB-Designer Operation Manual. I created my test program, but it doesn't work as I need. Bellow I want to describe, what I need: I want to have 5 program with 4 parameters and download these program with parameters inside to the PLC. In attachment you can see my program. test.zip
  3. Thanks everybody, who tried to help me. The theme is closed, I use direct adrress and everything is working. Also I wanted to add that I used +400 function, because then I try to use +401 I get thetransfer to the next word (one part of result from D28 is going to D29), for me using of +400 function is the best solution, because the max value which I really can get is 2500-3000 for per shift. Thank you very much.
  4. Ok. Could you explain me how I should write my program or send me example. I realy don't understand where is my error. When I used direct adress (D28 + #4( # - it means constant)), it also doesn;t work.
  5. In my previous message I attached wrong programm. I fixed problem with "move content of CIO2001 to D0". Now I attached actual programm. I tried to do what you say, change *d28 to @d28 and #4 to &4. But it does not help. I want to describe principle of working my programm. W5.05 is active when first shift is activated. D28 it is counter of workpieces for first shift. W5.08 it mean that cycle is finished and I should increase counter of workpieces for 4 units each time when w5.08 is on. For increasing I use (+400). In generally it looks in next way: in step 1745 I move once (on W5.05 diffup) #0 to D28. then in step 1769 I add &4 to the location written in D28. since in D28 is value 0 my instruction should do this: D28 + &4 = D28 (e.g. 0+4=4). But it does not work. D28 is always = 0. fata_2.cxp
  6. Hello everybody.I faced the problem, function ADD (400) doesn't work. Could somebody help me?In attachment you can see the part of my program, which doesn't work and the full program.I tried to change number of D, which I wanted to add with each other, also I tried to change function from 400 to 401, but it also haven't helped me.
  7. Problem with D memory area

    Thanks for helping!
  8. Hi All. I have a problem with D memory area. I have PLC CJ2M with ID211(DC input), ID211, OC211 (Relay output), OD212 (Transistor output) on the CPU rack. When I turn on all outputs in the OC211, all my datas in the D memory area is set to 0. What could be the problem? plc_project.zip