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  1. Thank you for your advice.
  2. Dear all, I'm first time using M580 (hotstandby). Now finish the configuration, but the problem is how to write the address for Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input, and RTD module in elementary variable ? I try to put name DDI_1 and the address is same with M340 topology like %I2.  and for digital input but got message after build : {Elementary Variables}    :     The instance is located on an address that isn't configured. :     DDI_1 Thank you for your advice regards  
  3. Dear everyone.... Does anyone have experience use Citect scada to TMCON temperature controller via modbus RTU ? I have problem for communication setup. I already try many variety of communication parameter but not successfully. I try use another software (modbus scan) and got success result. Any advice ? Thank you
  4. BMX NOR 0200H

    Hi Zeraidi, I can not online to the RTU to export the configuration, coz the device already placed at site, and I have no remote access for it. Btw, what kind of configuration as you need ? I have some pictures (screen captured) during online at site. Regards, Azdi Mustafa
  5. Hi there, I use Win7 IE9 to access this module and sucsessfully. 1- The module must be configure using UnityPro, fill-in the IP-addr completely. 2- Build your configuration 3- After successfully, please re-start the PLC (switch OFF the power connection and switch ON again). 4- Open your IE, go to IP-addr (based on the step-1 above). There is a user name (default) = USER, password (default) = USER. 5- Follow the manual book of NOR0200 for the next step.   good luck, Azdi Mus
  6. Mitsubishi communication error

    Hi Ankitjd 1. Pls check in your laptop/PC which COM port (COM1,COM2, COM3 etc) you are using to communicate to PLC. You can check it using Control Panel (Device Manager). 2. In your GX-Developer, Transfer setup, please change COM number depend on the result no.1 above. If still can not communicate, maybe the problem in your data cable or serial converter also may have problem. That my suggest
  7. Hallo Arum apa khabar ? The problem at the trigger of function block must be put the pulse (rising edge). With out rising edge, the function block will execute every scan time. Please remember, the scan time is very fast. Please try this logic below :   that is my suggest. Regards
  8. tsx premium

    I suggest, trace and make sure the wiring from field to the digital input of PLC was correctly, same with cHud suggested, and try to make additional small capacitor (less then 10 µF), make it parallel connection, please see the picture as attached. If you need more fast counting, please replace the capacitor to small capacitor (1 µF, 820 pF, etc) If with out capacitor, the counter can not make one by one counting perfectly (some times 27, 59, 17, etc) even though the contact give one pulse only at a time. That is my suggest.
  9. BMX NOR 0200H

    Hi Jay Anthony, I'm sorry for late reply, coz no notification for me. I have never use GSM modem (SR2MOD02), so I have no suggestion for you. I use NOR0200H only for communication link with another RTU via serial port with IEC-101 protocol.
  10. Hi there, What kind of communication link type you used (Mudbus RTU/RS485 or Ethernet) ? And, can you give more detail about the devices (PLC or other devices) ? If use Ethernet, an other solution for read_var here, you can use I/O scanning feature, and this feature can use not only for link between PLCs, but another device like power meter, etc also can be used, as long as use modbus-TCP protocol. I already use this feature for PLC to PLC, PLC to PowerMeter, PLC to NARI-RTU, and working well. I think more simple than read_var function block.
  11. schneider somachine

    No need to configure your Altivar in somachine software, and simple way without data link to control the speed of motor using altivar and PLC, just use hardware communication or some people say I/O communication. 1. Command from PLC: Use 1 Digital Output (DO) if apply two wire connection method. Logic "1" for Start Command, and logic "0" for Stop Command. An other way use 2 DO if apply three wire connection method. DO1 for Start command and DO2 for Stop command. For two wire and three wire of Altivar, you can find in the manual of altivar. 2. Running feedback and Alarm feedback from Altivar: at PLC side: use 1 Digital Input (DI) for running status, and 1 DI for alarm status. 3. For speed reference (speed set): use one Analog Output (4-20mA, 0-5 Vdc, 0-10Vdc) which is suitable to use depend on Altivar analog input. 4. Speed feedback : at PLC side, use analog input to receive the speed signals from analog output of altivar.    PLC                                                  ALTIVAR     DO            ------------------------->          DI     DI             <-------------------------          DO     AO            ------------------------->         AI      AI            <-------------------------         AO Thats more reliable if compare with applied data link via serial or eth port.
  12. Yes right, if you can not upload (transfer from PLC to PC) program from one CPU..... the other CPU also must be can not do it, because hot-standby function is not working if any different with each other. For this protection method (make it grey color) can be done with out apply the password, so if you ask vendor related password maybe you got the same answer..... no password. You must request the logic program from manufacturer, but please be-careful .... the parameters (for example value of register, etc) in the logic may be overwrite to ZERO or LOST. Or an other alternate solution.... you must create the new program by your self. You must have record all of parameter before overwrite the program. In my latest project, also I've got same problem with you, the vendor can not give me the program...and they put protection in side of PLC. So, I have no choice..... I create the logic program by my self. It is running well till now   
  13. For software developer, this is one of the features in UnityPro XL software for protection method, the vendor make unusable "Transfer project from PLC". So that why the color for this feature is grey (unusable) as you said ; the "transfer from PLC" option is not available. A lot of manufacturer as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) have "intellectual property" for their product. For Hot-standby configuration, if you can do transferring project from PLC for one of both CPU (Main CPU or standby CPU), that means no need to transfer again from another CPU, due to the programs is equal. This same as Crossbow said. What is you meaning "for one PLC" ? Is the meaning one of CPU's (Master CPU and Standby CPU) ? Or one of units of plant ? or others ?
  14. Please try use Unity Pro made by Schneider
  15. Hi there, I think is not  necessary to apply the PID function to controlling the speed of conveyor. Just use Analog Output (4-20mA or 0-10 Vdc, etc) and connected to the analog input of Variable Speed Drive (VSD) of motor is enough. This was many applied in the coal conveyor or coal belt feeder without the PID function, it is work well.