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  1. Submitting with an SLC

    Thanks for the help. I was able to finally work on it again today. After trying everything suggested with different masks, it turns out it was the processor module. After it was replaced, the subnet mask of worked like it should have. Thank goodness we had problems writing to the processor from a panelview, as the processor we replaced had recently been installed and was supposed to be brand new. Thanks for the help. Ben
  2. Submitting with an SLC

    Hello, Thank you for the reply. I'll try resetting the subnet and double check some things I read in the PDF you provided. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Ben
  3. Submitting with an SLC

    Hello, At the plant I work at there are devices with IP addresses starting with 192.168.0, 192,168.1, and 193.168.2 The SLC in question is on 192.168.2 We would like to access it from our laptops which are on 192.168.0 The laptops have their subnet mask set to and we are able to pull see other controllers on the 192.168.2 network. However, for some reason we can't with this one, not even when I'm plugged directly into the Ethernet port on the controller unless we change our IP address to one on 192.168.2 I believe the subnet mask on the controller isn't set right. Can anyone tell what I'm missing here? Here's an overview of the current settings: Laptop:, Controller:, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ben