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  1. Controlling ladder bits from HMI

    I had to implement the exact same thing a few years ago to control heating on our equipment with 3 "zones" starting at different times. I used the following operations to extract the hour and minutes from the PLC (Omron CP1H): MOVD(083) A351 #0012 D240MOVD(083) A352 #0210 D240D240 is a UINT_BCD and will contain the current time as HHMM after these operations. It is then fairly easy to compare a target time (300, for 3:00 AM) to the current time and activate heating as needed. To read the clock value of the PLC on the HMI, I used the following operations: XFRB(062) #2808 A351 D270This will send the date/time to DM as follow: D270: HHMM (hours and minutes) D271: MMDD (month and date) D272: 00YY (current year) MOVD(083) A354 #0020 D273To read the day of the week to D273
  2. If anyone ever experiences this error, I have found a solution. Turns out my PLC was old enough (2003 actually) that it did not support the memory read/write protection on memory cards. I had to turn off the option in the properties window, protection tab, of the PLC in CX-Programmer. [edit: typo]
  3. Good morning, I'm having an odd issue with CX Programmer and have hit a wall. I'm trying to upload a previous version of a program to an existing PLC (CS1G-H CPU42) and I keep getting the following error when I compile while online: "The read protection properties which are not supported by the connecting target PLC are set. Check the unit version of the PLC." This prevents the program from being uploaded. I have a first revision CS1, manufacture in 2005 from what I can tell. This exact program has been uploaded previously, but a modified version replaced it recently and I need to go back to the older version. Things I have tried so far. without success: - Removed UM Protection - Made sure Task protection is off for all tasks - Check DIP Switch #1, which is write protection, and made sure it is off - Used "Remove Password" and "Release access" functions from the PLC/Protection menu - Used the auto-verification to confirm the configured PLC is correct - Reuploaded a full backup of H & D memory, from the older program I am able to compile the program when offline, but it chokes when online. I am connecting to the PLC via a serial cable. I haven't found any help from the CX Programmer help, or the CS1 programming and operation manual. This error message is nowhere to be found. Anyone has a clue ? I'm at a loss right now. Thank you !