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  1. Omron CP1L-EM Wonderware Intouch Driver?

    Hi, The Intouch version is 12. I would appreciate for your advice. Or, can you please send me a link to download of the latest DASOMFINSENET and I'll check. Thanks.   Regards, Joel
  2. Omron CP1L-EM Wonderware Intouch Driver?

    Thanks IORack but what I'm asking is for the SCADA driver. Ive read its DASOMFINSENET but CP1L or at least CP series is not on the list. Kindly help. 
  3. Hi, I may need your help. What particular Wonderware Intouch driver needed to hook with Omron CP1L-EM ? Thanks for your help. Regards, Jay :)
  4. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    Hi,  I would appreciate for your suggestion. The main issue is, I need to clear the RFID UID after I read it. Im trying to read an RFID, and the read section works fine. But the clear or write function turns on A640.02 when W0.05 manually set ON. Kindly advice. RFID CP1L-EM_ReadW.cxp
  5. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    Hi Wasan, You're so helpful, I need to check on that.  I may need your help. I need to manually clear the RFID tag, to an 8 register. Can you please share the exact code for it? I'm using the serial port 2 for CP1L-EM, I would be glad for your help. Thank you so much. Regards :)
  6. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    Hi Wasan/Fellows, My communication is doing good now using CP1L-EM to an RFID via Modbus RTU. I am using the second serial port with 19200, 81E, Serial Gateway. Sometimes it works for an hour, and suddenly just stops as I can see A640.02 turns ON, and the COMM indicator no longer flickers.  I got an error code of "0x80 - Response timeout". I am thinking about lowering the baud rate. Do I need a terminating resistor? Please advice. Thank you very much. Cheers :)   RFID CP1L-EM_Mod4_2.cxp
  7. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    Hi Wasan & Riandanualdy, I have been reading your topic and it helps me a lot to establish my connection, I have "CP1E-N60DT-D" and a modbus RTU RFID device. I followed your " modbus coba coba euy V 4.cxp", I have a comm and see it flickering. The only problem is A641.00 gets stuck on ON status, and just flickers. I'm not getting any response at all from DM location D1350 onwards, I got zero values. Unfortunately, I cant attached the forum isnt allowing me. I only got the response when I stop the CPU, and A641.01 turns ON. I got 2 questions; 1. From your program the bit "W0.01" on when A641.00 turns ON. Shouldn't this bit place on the "W0.15"  as the manual said so? "Turn ON A641.00 (Execution Bit) to send command data stored starting at D1300." I am confused. 2. How will I fix the issue whereby I only got response when I stop the CPU?  Thank you very much, still learning here.   Cheers :)    
  8. I thank you for this option. This might be a possible last resort if the client is willing to spend. Its a PLC5 actually an old one. I also have concern with the licensing of the RSLinx on the unit. From my reading, there should be a tool from the package where I can transfer the license into a USB, is it? Other says, if none, I need to call AB support, they might deactivate and then issue a new one. Should this be the case? The client dont have any documentation at all including the possible floppy disk with the keys, or anything. I'm just new to AB brand here, sorry. I would appreciate for your input regarding how can I transfer the AB license from the old unit. I dont have much time visiting the site, but I'm researching all possible steps to go through getting all the needed info from the old unit, once I get there again. Thanks. :)
  9. Thanks Sparky. I appreciate for your info. I plan that I could still utilize the existing card from the old PC, if it meant to be a Win XP unit then I will. What other things that I need to consider like licenses on the AB side? thanks.
  10. Hi, Good day to everyone. Wish you could share information on my issue. There is this one PC standalone, Win NT, iFix 3 SCADA, DH+ via 1784-KTX Card for monitoring only. The client is asking for replacement. I am planning to put into a new PC, and new SCADA maybe Wonderware. I'm thinking like, I need to get the existing 1784-KTX Card and install it to the new PC, put the necessary drivers. And I plan to use Allen Bradley AB1784KT IO Server , version and link it my SCADA. What other things that I need to consider in buying a new unit? What other things that I need to consider like licenses on the AB side? I would appreciate for your guidance. Thanks. M302015 :)