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  1. Data Collection

    Try ICScada Lite. Its cheap enough for the task your looking for and uses a direct database access.. as well its built in to render out logged data into excel spreadsheets via a user defiend data profile. As well it uses a web interface for operations and administration. Runs on robust linux servers but can be configured with any old web browser, even a tablet...
  2. QR Code on HMI

    We have done this in the software package that we make. It uses a python backend and a web interface so its really easy to implement. If you would like you could probably modify some of the python and use something like py2exe... Although if your interested we us ICScada on the biejer panels often. It would be really simple to do in the ICS web platform.
  3. Do they perhaps use a variant of CanBUS?
  4. SCADA solution for power distribution sector

    Have you taken a look at ICScada? It is still a general purpose HMI but i have used it for numerous industrial and personal projects. easily modify it to work the way you'd like. Simple template editor and very easy to use understand and develop in...