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  1. Trying to configure a used scanner (1747-SDN Series B REV: 2.04) It has node 30 set on it already.  I can use the configuration tool and set it to node 1 and node 01 appears on the display, so I know communications are working. When I try to change the scanlist I get the error message "Communication error 12: Error response received: Resource Unvavailable : ...." When I go into RSLogix500 and change the status register bits to reset to default it doesn't do anything to the module as the manual describes.  It apparently is in idle mode but forcing O:5.0/0 on doesn't do anything and leaving it off and trying bit 2 on doesn't seem to change it either. If I run the diagnostics in RSNetworx everything passes on the SDN module and my 3 nodes connected, except I get a "Read Error" on just the SDN module saying it's in Idle mode.   Status display on the SDN when I set the node to 30:  30 - 80 Setting node to 01:  01 - 72 - 30 - 75   Am I doing something wrong in setting the status bits?  I tried always true ladder outputs and then tried using forces to toggle them off and on.  Following the procedures after that of flipping the keyswitch to Run and back to Program, it never displays the message E9 like it says it should.
  2. SLC 5/04 Output Issues

    It was in my logic, I wrote just the timer and the outputs and they all worked.   It's been a couple years since I've done a semi-complex program so just a little rusty it seems.   Thanks for the quick replies everyone
  3. SLC 5/04 Output Issues

    I actually wrote 3 rungs additionally at the end to control my original outputs with push buttons and they worked which is what led me to think it's in my logic/timers.  But I disabled every other rung in the program with an input that's not used.    I'm going to write a new program with just the one timer and the lights to see if that works, if not I'll post what I have.   I don't have internet access on my programming laptop so it'll take a bit to find a flash drive and transfer the file. 
  4. SLC 5/04 Output Issues

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction here. I have a 13 slot chassis with a SLC 5/04, 4 IB-16 modules, a DeviceNet Scanner and then 4 OB-16 modules in that order. My issue is after completing my ladder logic with timers to control multiple outputs I was only getting one output to turn on.  I noticed while watching the ladder in Run mode that all my input conditions were on and working as intended but the output would not energize even monitoring the ladder.  The controls I needed/used were all on slot 6 output.  My output in slot 8 had all my LED's on it.  So to test I disabled all rungs in my ladder and left one timer on with a push button input condition to turn on T4:0.  With T4:0/EN NO to O:8/10 (green stack light).  T4:0/TT NO to O:8/11 (yellow stack light).  T4:0/DN NO to O:8/12 (red stack light). Green light works, yellow and red do not turn on even though the input condition is good.  They do however turn on if forced on.  That's where I'm getting confused.  I swapped output modules with no results.  I moved all 3 lights to branches with just the T4:0/EN condition and the same results.  I moved yellow to output 15 and it works.  I moved the terminal block/wires to slot 9 and changed the ladder to match the new slot and they all work.   If my backplane is bad and the problem, why then do the outputs work when forced on?  Is it possible it's the processor instead that's the issue?
  5. If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated. Communication to the 9300 is established through RS 232. In Global Drive Control I can hit start and torque is applied to a motor I have connected but we can't get it to spin. I have been through every Lenze manual I can find with no luck (except the fact that every one of them states how "easy" it is to just hook up and start...). So if you are familiar with GDC Easy: The motor we have connected is listed in the motor selection area. All the values for short commissioning look okay in reference to the motor's ratings. I have no faults in the Monitor window nor on the 9300. If I physically spin the motor during inhibit, I can set the Motor rotor position adjustment setting to active and hit start and it will rotate back to the setpoint in short intervals. My co-worker believes we need to be able to adjust the speed settings under MCTRL but all of those options are greyed out and I also cannot find a reason why that is. There are other speed settings we can change but they do not give results. On the 9300 we have 24 VDC + on X5/28 and X6/1. Is there another connection we are missing or is it the software or a setting I have overlooked? Thanks Jon
  6. Micrologix 1500 fault

    Thank you sir, that was it. Jon
  7. Micrologix 1500 fault

    Hello all. I am new to PLC's in general and starting a repair/testing facility with a couple coworkers. I learned the PLC 5/40 and set up a test bench through reading pdf manuals and can now program and repair them and corresponding modules. I just received a Micrologix 1500 1764-LRP/24BWA and a box of DC I/O modules to set up a new test bench. RSLinx comm set up goes through okay to the controller. The green power led is solid and the fault led is flashing red. The controller shows up in the system comms menu of RSLogix 500 but it shows as faulted and when I click go online it says "Unknown Processor Type". Any ideas on how I can get communication up to see this or am I just looking at a bad module?