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  1. S7-300/400 Status to Wonderware

    I've been tasked with building several "maintenance" related HMI screens in our Wonderware application for systems running on S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs. I'd like to provide an overview of general PLC status for all PLCs, displaying this type of information: LED StatusStatus of Communication to WonderwareI/O FaultsModule faultsetcFirst on my list was LED Status. I found a Siemens tech document describing how to determine the status of each LED on the processor via PLC programming, but it occurs to me that it's pointless to do so for the Run or Stop LED's - if it's not in the Run state, then the code will not execute, therefor the HMI will always display a healthy status for those two LED's. I'm referring to a Siemens document entitled "Programming Example in Ladder Logic, Getting the Status for the CPU LED Indicators." It would be nice to be able to indicate if a PLC was faulted/stopped. Does anybody out there know of a way to do this with Wonderware? I'm fairly new to Siemens and Wonderware (mostly AB and iFix experience), so detailed answers will be much appreciated!