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  1. Changing a PowerFlex 753

    Sorry for my delayed response, I was busy in another problems. The old PF still works, the change is because this drive is discountinued and the plant wants to update to prevent an unexpected problem. The drive has only parameters or also programming? I think the PF is owned by the CompactLogix, but the old PF is revision 9, the newer is revision 14, in my RSLOgix5000 (RsLogix v20) I have until revision 13... Downgrading? Maybe, but the version of the new drive should have improvents, and I dont´t knos if is possible to dowangrade. What should I do? In another project I tried to update de PF AOPs, and all the revision dissapears... What do you recommend? Also my fear is that this drive has a high power (for me) 300 Hp. I don´t want to brake something. Thanks again   
  2. Hello FriendsI need to change a discontinued PowerFlex 753-NET-E for a newer 753.The PLC is a CompactLogix 1768-L45 with RSLogix5000 v20.The old VFD has revision 9 and in the software the higher revision is 13. The new drive is revision 14.How difficult is to change the drive?Should I update the revision in RSLogix?Any ideas would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.
  3. Proyect with a low budget

    Hello The barcode would be a serial barcode reader (RS232) connected to the HMI COM port. Also I am looking for HMI Delta, but I don´t Know if is possible to connect a barcode reader.  
  4. Barcode Reader to HMI Delta?

    Hello Friends Is it possible to connect a serial barcode reader to a Delta HMI? I am lookin DOP103BQ and DOP107CV. I have serch in manuals but I don´t find information about this. Have you done before? How should I configure? Thanks in advance.
  5. Proyect with a low budget

    Hello Friends I need to develop a proyect with a Small PLC, HMI, Barcode and Zebra Printer. The budget is low, so I had thought in Mitsubishi: FX3G-24MR/ES GS2107-WTBD-N FX3G-232-BD I would connect the barcode to the HMI and the printer to FX3G-232-BD. Is it a good option or exists another better/cheaper? Thanks in advance.
  6. FX CPU Program Capacity Error

    Hello FriendsI Have a FX3G CPU and I am modifyind the program to add new models.I have tried to add several rungs but an error appears:The program capacity will be exceeded.Please increase the program capacity or delete some instructions.In the Project tree I have checked the PLC Parameter and I have noticed that the Program Capacity is 4000 steps, I have exceeded this number.I have modified the Memory Capacity option to 32000 and the Program capacity changes to 20000 steps.Is it enough to continue with my program or Do I need to do something more? Do I need to change the PLC or add a memory or something else?Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello Friends I have installed WinCC Flexible 2008 SP5 Update 2. I have open the software, but the Transfer option does not appear. Is It something wrong with my installation? What can I do? Also, I haver several versions installed of TIA Portal. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello Friends I am a rookie in mitsubishi. I have many conditions in my program, How can I add several lines to a rung? For example: How can I put K0 at the right, K0 at the left? K1, K2, etc? I have search in documentation and internet, but without success. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello Initially, I had thought in a 1769-L16ER-BB1B and Point I/O modules. But the local supplier has delevery time at least 5 months. So, I am looking for AB models with less delevery time. Thanks
  10. Hello FriendsI need to replace a Micrologix 1400 L32BWA with 1 1762-OB16.I had thought in a 1769-L30ER, 1 1769-IQ32 and 2 1769-OW16.But, does this PLC needs a AB Power Supply?Which Model can I Use?In what position should I connect?Or maybe Can I Use another CPU and I/O modules?What do you recommend?Thanks in advance.
  11. HMI GS2110 and serial barcode reader

    Hello Friends I have a machine with a barcode reader connected through serial port to a GS2110 HMI and a FX3G CPU. Where can I found the tag that is configured to receive the barcode? o how is it configured? I have searched in the HMI program but without sucess. Thanks in advance.            
  12. How to connect to VIPA CPU?

    I have downloaded the software, but I dont find where to upload.
  13. How to connect to VIPA CPU?

    Hello Friends I need to monitor a PLC Vipa. Which software and cable do i need? The upload will have the comments? Thanks in advance.
  14. FX3G-60M and Keyence ML-Z9600 Marker

    Hello Friends I need to communicate these devices. Is it possible? How can I do that? The marker supports RS232C and Ethernet, which could be better with this plc? Do you have some sample program? Thanks in advance
  15. Hello FriendsI have a project with 3 Powerflex 525 EENET.When I try to open the Drive properties the next message appears:Host revision 6.1 was not found. Please create a database or download one from web updates. ( have Studio 5000 v30 with Drive revision 1 to 5 in a VM.So, I downloaded "AOP for PowerFlex Drives and SMCs (all Logix versions) v15.00.01" from de AB webpage and installed.But now, NO revisions appears.I have tried with another VM but the same occurs.Also I have downloaded "All CCW and Logix Database Files - Updated 10/28/21" and the same occurs.What can I do?