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  1. FX CPU Program Capacity Error

    Hello FriendsI Have a FX3G CPU and I am modifyind the program to add new models.I have tried to add several rungs but an error appears:The program capacity will be exceeded.Please increase the program capacity or delete some instructions.In the Project tree I have checked the PLC Parameter and I have noticed that the Program Capacity is 4000 steps, I have exceeded this number.I have modified the Memory Capacity option to 32000 and the Program capacity changes to 20000 steps.Is it enough to continue with my program or Do I need to do something more? Do I need to change the PLC or add a memory or something else?Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Friends I have installed WinCC Flexible 2008 SP5 Update 2. I have open the software, but the Transfer option does not appear. Is It something wrong with my installation? What can I do? Also, I haver several versions installed of TIA Portal. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Friends I am a rookie in mitsubishi. I have many conditions in my program, How can I add several lines to a rung? For example: How can I put K0 at the right, K0 at the left? K1, K2, etc? I have search in documentation and internet, but without success. Thanks in advance.
  4. Replacing A Micrologix 1400 with Compactlogix?

    Hello Initially, I had thought in a 1769-L16ER-BB1B and Point I/O modules. But the local supplier has delevery time at least 5 months. So, I am looking for AB models with less delevery time. Thanks
  5. Hello FriendsI need to replace a Micrologix 1400 L32BWA with 1 1762-OB16.I had thought in a 1769-L30ER, 1 1769-IQ32 and 2 1769-OW16.But, does this PLC needs a AB Power Supply?Which Model can I Use?In what position should I connect?Or maybe Can I Use another CPU and I/O modules?What do you recommend?Thanks in advance.
  6. HMI GS2110 and serial barcode reader

    Hello Friends I have a machine with a barcode reader connected through serial port to a GS2110 HMI and a FX3G CPU. Where can I found the tag that is configured to receive the barcode? o how is it configured? I have searched in the HMI program but without sucess. Thanks in advance.            
  7. How to connect to VIPA CPU?

    I have downloaded the software, but I dont find where to upload.
  8. How to connect to VIPA CPU?

    Hello Friends I need to monitor a PLC Vipa. Which software and cable do i need? The upload will have the comments? Thanks in advance.
  9. FX3G-60M and Keyence ML-Z9600 Marker

    Hello Friends I need to communicate these devices. Is it possible? How can I do that? The marker supports RS232C and Ethernet, which could be better with this plc? Do you have some sample program? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello FriendsI have a project with 3 Powerflex 525 EENET.When I try to open the Drive properties the next message appears:Host revision 6.1 was not found. Please create a database or download one from web updates. ( have Studio 5000 v30 with Drive revision 1 to 5 in a VM.So, I downloaded "AOP for PowerFlex Drives and SMCs (all Logix versions) v15.00.01" from de AB webpage and installed.But now, NO revisions appears.I have tried with another VM but the same occurs.Also I have downloaded "All CCW and Logix Database Files - Updated 10/28/21" and the same occurs.What can I do?
  11. Hello Friends I have done the attached sequence but something is not working as i need. It has 3 steps, each step advances with a timer done or a jump step. (The complete sequence should have 24 similar steps) In Network 1 Jump_Step is a HMI Pushbutton, if you push then jump the timer to the next step. In Network 2 Step_1 is a HMI PushButton, it starts the sequence. As I said, each sequence advances with the timer done, but I have a problem: If I push the Jump_Step, then jumps until the step 3. If I add more steps surely it would jump until the last step. I need only to advance 1 step. How can I do that? Thanks in advance 
  12. How to assign 30 timers in TIA Portal?

    Hello Friends In my program I need to use around 30 timers and show in minutes and seconds in hmi, so I need several tags to convert to minutes and seconds.How do you recommend to assign the timers and auxiliar registers?1 DB for timer and its auxiliar registers o how can I do that?Thanks in advance.  
  13. Reading and writing Minutes and seconds in TIA Portal?

    Hello Thanks for your response. I have done in ladder and it is working. Thanks again.
  14. Hello FriendsMy experience with Siemens is limited.From HMI I would like introduce Minutes and Seconds to a timer.Also, in HMI I would like to show the time of the timer in minutes and seconds.I have achieved only to show in accumulated seconds.How can I do what I want?Thanks in advance.
  15. Help with Sockets AB

    I tried with a free count and was not possible to get the info: Could somebody get this info and share to me? (docs and sample programs) Thanks a lot.