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  1. Hello Friends I need to replace this control with a PLC, I have not found info about this device. The only that I know that is a stepswitch. This device is connected to some valves, sensors, and electronic timers. Do you know How it works? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Keyence IV500CA and ML1400

    Hello Friends I need to communicate through Ethernet a IV500CA and a Micrologix 1400. Have you done this? In the Keyence page there are examples but only for compact and contrologix.   Thanks in advance.   
  3. Hello Friends I have a ML1400 program with 10 message faults aprox. and a PV800 program  with a Multistate Indicator showing the faults. When exists only 1 fault, the HMi is showing correctly 1 fault, the problem is when I have 2 o more faults, in the PLC program, 2 o 3 faults are activated, but in HMI just the last fault is showed. How can I scroll the faults to show the 2 or 3 faults activated? Thanks in advance.  
  4. Hello Friends I have several machines with different ip range everyone, according with the image. The PLC's are Micrologix 1100/1400 with unmanaged switch's. I would like to get some tags in the PLC4 (DATA STATION) from every PLC (PLC1, PLC2, PLC3). Is it posible just with configuration? How can I do that? Or do I need hardware? I have done this with MSG instruction but with PLC's in the same ip range. Thanks in advance.    
  5. PanelView 800 and Micrologix 1400 IO module problem

    I have added some screens, how you can see, I am changing "O:0/0" for "O:1/0" and so on. It is not working for output module. I do not have input module, so I can not check if it happens too.
  6. Hello Friends   I have a PanelView 800 (2711R-T7T) connected with a Micrologix1400 (1766-L32BWA) and an output module (1762-OW16) I have done some screen for inpu output monitoring. With the integrated Micrologix 1400 I/O i dont have problems, it is working ok. The problea is that I can not see any output changing in the screen for the output module, I have rechecked everything and looks fine. Do you know if I missing something or it is not posible to monitor this output module?   Thanks in advance.    
  7. PanelView 800 and SLC 5/05

    Hello Friends When I validate my application, I get a lot of message like: Tag xxxx with address I:2/1 has either an unknown address, unacceptable data type or undefined controller name I have checked and I think everything is OK. These tags are for an input output screens. I have searched in Google and I have found a link: 58695 - PanelView Component/PanelView 800: Addressing SLC Input … But, this send me to the login page of rockwell and I don´t have techconnect. Somebody could tellme how to fix this problem?   Thanks in advance.
  8. Wiegand to Micrologix 1100?

    Hello Friends We have a biometric fingerprint reader F18 from ZKTeco, We need to send the User ID (a number) from the F18 to a Micrologix 1100 In another machines, the F18 send the User ID through Wiegand output to a Barix Barionet 100, then Barionet send digital outputs to Micrologix. The problem is that We can not get Barix in our country. Do you know another converter or way to send the Wiegand output to the Micrologix?   Thanks in advance  
  9. Micro 820 RTC how to sync?

    Hello Friends We have 4 Micro 820 (2080-LC20-20QWB) and We are using the built in RTC, the problem is that it is not exact. In one month We have a difference of 15 seconds or more between RTC PLCs. Is it posible to sync the RTC in the 4 PLC? How could We do that? Thanks in advance  
  10. AB 5/04 and Lantronix UDS1100

    Hello I have talk to Lantronix support, unfortunately new UDS1100IAP  do not support Multi-Master DF1. So, I can not use this device. Then, I need to find another option to connect a OPC PC and Programming PC at the same time to a SLC 5/04 Thanks a lot :)
  11. AB 5/04 and Lantronix UDS1100

    Hello The device was an ordinary UDS1100 and was working like you said, a virtual serial port and the OPC running a DF1 Full Dúplex serial driver. Also, disconnecting the OPC I could see the PLC in RSLinx with a DF1 Driver. Until now, I have gotten the UDS1100IAP, but it is working exactly than the UDS1100 (no IAP) I have added an Ethernet driver in RSLinx but I can not see the CPU. The ping command is OK Also I have connected the UDS1100IAP with virtual serial port to the OPC and it Works OK, but I connect my programming PC and I can not see the CPU. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot                  
  12. AB 5/04 and Lantronix UDS1100

    Hello Friends I have a Lantronix UDS1100 connected to the serial port of the 5/04 CPU. The DH+ port is connectd to a PanelView. The UDS1100 Ethernet port is connected to a switch.  Everything works ok but I have a issue, a PC is always connected to the UDS1100 to get some tags through OPC, so I cant connect my programming PC to access the PLC. I need to disconnect the UDS1100 from the OPC and connect direct to my programming PC. Is there a way to have connected the OPC an programming PC at he same time?   Thanks in advance.    
  13. Panasonic FPWIN GR o FPWIN PRO

    Hello Friends   I need to do a small change in a FP-X C30RD, I am not sure which software to use, We do not have previous backup. This control also has a COM3 card and a AFPX-EFP0 card. I have uploaded the program in FPWIN-GR 2.940 and FPWIN PRO 7 In FPWIN GR, the default view is ladder, the program is uploaded OK, but I see several networks with a "Impossibe to Draw /The program includes errors)", so I am not sure if I need something else. In FPWIN PRO, I use New Project from PLC, but I get an Error in communication: Information in the comment memory is incorrect, so I use upload program code and PLC configuration, then select Upload program code into program code editor, the program code is uploaded OK, but in the Project tree in the POUs section I do not see anything, above in PLC I can see the program code in instruction list. Is it not posible to cahnge to ladder? Shoul I see the program in POUs? How can I upload the program correctly? Which software should I use?   Thnaks in advance.          
  14. Panasonic FP-X and FPWIN

    Hello Friends We have a machine with a FP-X C30RD PLC. We are trying to get the program with FPWIN GR 2.940. The program is uploaded but without comments. In the botton bar a message appears " Information in the general memory is incorrect. Comments not uploaded." What We can do to get the comments or is it not possible? Thanks in advance.  
  15. PanelPC for AdvancedHMI?

    Is the first time that I use AdvancedHMI and it is great¡ Now I need to install the aplication in a Panel PC with audio output. My project reproduces a sound every hour. I have searched on internet but most of them have not sound output or they are expensive or too big. I need a PanelPC with Windows OS, Ethernet port, Audio output and if possible less than 10" display. Can you recommend someone? Thanks in advance.