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  1. RSLogix 5000 will not start up - Help Required

    Hi Sparky Thanks for the reply, I think I have cured the issue now, after spending most of the day trying various uninstalls and installs and reboots, I have got back to a working system with V16 and V20, but V19 does not seem to want to play with the other kids! After getting Logix working Studio looked like it was working but spat its dummy out about something to do with RSLinx so after removing enterprise and re-installing and a few reboots, i was able to compile an MER file and run a virtual HMI with connection to a Compact Logix PLC so i am fairly sure all is back to normal. I think V19 might get relegated to a laptop with Vista on it and nothing else, after all it seems like it deserves to play with Vista, after the trouble it has caused me. I might be nice and build a VM for it to live in but i am not sure it deserves it!! Paul.
  2. RSLogix 5000 will not start up - Help Required

    Yes, thanks, but it is a bit late for that now, I just need to get V20 and Studio back up and running at present!!
  3. Hi All This is my first post so please be gentle Well here is the issue. I have had a working setup with logix 5000 V20.01 installed and also 16.03 which was the previous version I was using. Also FTview studio V6.10 The laptop is good old Win XP. I had a file which was V19.xx so I thought I would install the support for this so I could keep it in the original format. I decided whilst I was at it i might as well install all the version options that were available (V12.xx through to V20.xx) so last night I set it all going and went and got a big cup of coffee! The install went ok (no error messages) all the add on options installed all ok, so here was me thinking my Laptop would be ready for any of the versions I came across. Hmm well here I am, so it didn't work out that way! When I try and start 5000, the first splash screen came up detailing all the versions available, and then nothing, it just hangs there and no error message, just nothing, it does not matter if I open a previously created program or just try and open 5000 it just does nothing and I have to kill the process in task manager. FTView Studio does exactly the same thing also, and I did not touch that!! I have tried uninstalling the versions I dont need, leaving V16,V19 and V20, nothing, I tried re-installing V20 and still nothing. The .lic file should allow me to use these versions, and in any case, if it didn't it would just laugh at me. Has anyone seen this before? anyone got any ideas? I need to get on with some V20 code very soon as I have mods to do, not that bothered about the other versions, I also need Studio back and working pronto. Thanks Paul.