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  1. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Thank you Chelton; I have created a network localhost with IP address and connected this network to the IOServer, AlarmServer, TrendServer and Report Server. The program compiles OK however on Run I get the following error: "Driver 'FINS3' not initialized" Do you want to shutdown now ? We must be getting closer, Thanks for the help
  2. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Thanks Bob B, I am only new and I read many of the posts as a leaning tool, your comment above cannot assist my education, support and guidance, thank you for reading my issues regardless. I am using a demo version of 7.4 for development and education hence the simple configuration. I cannot find how to upload the file in here, it has a media button which seams to go to a repository but no idea how to add to that repository. I have placed in dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/s/6915cmsvsphqg3p/PLC%20Training.zip?dl=0 Thank you for continuing to assist me Howard
  3. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Memory is currently set to "Blank" I did have it as true at one point but moved it back to blank to align with advice. Thnaks for looking in to this
  4. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Hi, CX Integrator shows the network as 1 and the node as 3, Citect will still not connect, I used the included routing tool which also shows no errors. Thank you
  5. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Hi, Sorry my Citect.ini is set to 1/24/0 and my PLC is on 1/3/0 ( I Set this using the cxone by right clicking on the plc in the project and setting change. IS there another place in the ETN21 card ? Mine is in ETN21 mode and does not appear to have a FINS node number anywhere? I read somewhere not to use net 0, hence my use of 1? Thanks for helping Regards Howard
  6. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Hi All still trying to get this working. Thanks to Sparky above I no longer have the hardware alarm however no tags seam to be updating. For example I have some Digital I/O at 0.00 for 16 channels in the PLC and a couple of variables in the H0.00 area. I have added these as digital variables in CITECT at 0.00 and in the case of H as HR0.00 yet no tags appear to be updated during operation. Is there something I am missing or is their a fool proof way to verify CITECT is talking to the PLC through Ethernet ? Interestingly I cannot go online with CXone whilst Citect is running. As soon as I stop citect I can work online with CxOne using Ethernet option and supplying Fins network and node. Thanks again team Regards Howard
  7. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Hi Sparky; I have adjusted the citect.ini file as indicated to now be 0/24/0 and it looks like when citect goes online the CJ1M_Offline error has gone, so great progress. At this time the few tags i inserted to read I/O are all either reading 0 or have no value so there may still be an issue. I believe citect address should just be the plc I/O address e.g 0.00 for my Start DI or 4.00 for my start DO. I will investigate more later but have to take the wife for a C section now. Thank-you for your help Kindest Regards Howard
  8. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    I did read this post and hence the format for mine, I could not however solve the issue with the information contained within. Thank you for looking at the problem for me. Kindest Regards Howard
  9. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Hi and thanks for the reply, Yes its set for "3" and can be pinged on, Also when connecting CX one with Ethernet which it does it confirms that IP address and Fins network 1, node 3. Kindest Regards Howard
  10. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Hi All; I am struggeling to get my CITECT to talk with my CJ1MCPU12 with ETN21 module. I can ping the IP address from the citect PC and also connect CXONE using ethernet with supplied IP Address. I do not have FINSGATEAY installed as the PC is Windows 8 with CITECT 7.4. Any Ideas would be most welcome as I am drawing a blank. My settings are OMRON ETN21 IP: Unit number: 0 Citect SCADA Primary Server IP: Citect.INI [OMFINS] Source = 1/3/0 (not too sure what this should be...) COMMUNICATION settings: [bOARD] Name: BOARD1 Board Type: TCPIP Address: 0 [PORTS] Name: PORT1_BOARD1 Board name: BOARD1 Special Opt: -I192.168.0.3 -P9600 -U [i/O DEVICES] Name: Internal Number: 1 Address: 1/3/0/S Protocol: OMFINS3 Port Name: PORT1_BOARD1 Startup Mode: Primary Prioirity: 1 Memory: True