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  1. yes but everytime i try to reconfigure it to make the cylinders move nothing works like no errors and what not i just don't really comprehend why it doesn't work even though im pretty sure i chose the right addresses for the cylinders.
  2. I can only use Rs logix 5000 to do this though. cant use any other types of PLC
  3. Currently we are using Rs logix 5000 and trying to use it to make 6 cylinders retract and advance which is caused by solenoids. - 1756 RIO module connected to: - 1794- Asb flex I/o channel 1 - 1794-OAB flex I/o channel 2 - 1794-OAB flex I/o channel 3 - 1794-IB16 flex I/o channel 4 Currenty when going online there were no errors however, the cylinders connected to the solenoids aren't advancing or retracting.
  4. PLC- Compact Logix Network- Ethernet Module- 1756-RIO but there is an RIO Red constant light, and a CLX flashing red light.
  5. Currently we have a remote I/O module to connect with our PLC, yet it's not showing up whenever we try to connect it via inside RS logix 5000.
  6. I'm new to Omron, and after several days of diving into manuals trying to figure this out on my own and giving myself a headache I've come to accept that i need help. my task is the following: Control of the discrete and analog inputs/outputs in a DeviceNet system using an Omron CJ1M PLC’s and PT’s. Use at least one thermocouple, one analog input, and one analog output for the DeviceNet network. Use a pushbutton and a light for the start of the process and an indicator for the started process. I have a Drt1-Ad04 input, a Drt1-ad02 output, and a Drt1-ts04t temperature control. My devicenet is Cj1w-drm21, The Omron system itself is a cj1m-cpu13 etn21. I have node addresses for my input, outputs and temperature control, those being 35 for input, 25 or 30 for output and for temperature control 5, 15, or 20. The ip address im using for this project is'm using Cx programmer, Designer and Integrator. On Cx programmer I've managed to create an IO table but i have no idea on how to begin the program or even get a current reading from my generator.On Designer I've made what i believe to be the layout of the pushbuttons, I just have no idea of what addresses to enter.And on integrator i'm having troubles on figuring out how to make a routing table. I've went through many manuals and either i'm missing something really basic here or I just have no idea on what I'm doing. The only advice I was given was to dive into more manuals and find my addresses for my inputs, outputs, and temperature or to find the information from an outside source be that a forum or customer service. I am able to provide more information, and screenshots of what I have done if needed. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!