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  1. Beckhoff TC3

    Hi, ALL; i'm new to Beckhoff and TC3. My question is, how can one read one byte or word of data from I/O card? For example; i have one 16bit digital input card, and want to address card as one WORD - read data as WORD. I know how to define variables and link them.   Best Regards
  2. wich plc to chose?

    Hello all! I have one problem and i need an advice. I search for fast plc, that could have minimum plc cycle. I got 2 inductive sensors 0-10V (0.5 - 2mm). I connect this sensor with plc. On plc is connected shaft encoder which is 360ppr. My task is protech a stamping tool betwen stamping and if inside tool is some bad stamping pease we muss stop stamping. i control heigh of the stamping tool with inductive sensor. Right moment for measurement i get from incremental encoder. For example: I want to measure highof the tool at 90° - 180°, so when the tool if fully pressed. Now i have Unitronic plc with plc cycle cca. 2.5 mS and only one interrupt at 1.25mS and HSC interrupt at 359° (for reset at 0). But this plc is to slow for this application. Machine run at 200 rotations per munute, so i need interrupt less then 1mS (for one degree accurity). SO i need fast plc that can do those things fast. Most importanten is Analog to Digital conversion speed. Unitronics need cca 60mS for two analog conversion, this is too much. SO i need to do those things fast: 1. interrupt for hsc for set counter on 0 2. set interupt for hsc at 90° (at rising edge) (for high measurment 3. interrupt for analog input? I need fast AD conversion so that i can check for high of the tool every one degree. so which plc shuld i use?