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  1. IPC 620-1536

    HI, there. I am new to the Honeywell PLC, usually dealing with AB or Omron. Need some help from the Honeywell PLC gurus, my the only one PLC IPC620-1536 , suddenly stop working. No "Run" light or any outputs are present. Turning the "Mode Key" to the "program mode" and back to the "run mode" doesn't make any difference. I attached couple photo. My question, is any other way to start PLC running again? If I purchase the Win.Loader and communication cable and connect to the PLC, can I change PLC back to "Run" mode and upload the program, or fail to change the Mode using the Key. means the same fail using the software? Please update. Thanks for advance, 
  2. CQM1-CPU43 Output OFF Bit SR 252.15

    Thanks for everybody, problem got fixed now. But after all outputs was released and machine start working, some of outputs and function still not working. Looks like some parameters is missing, after I restored program from the EEPROM card. Machine has an HMI, but nobody knows what to change.One of the most critical - the Stop Bottom not working any more, in the stand by position, the input from the Stop Bottom(INC) is present in input module, but after machine start moving by the regular Start bottom - the input from the Stop bottom disappear from the Input module and only one way to stop machine, is E-Stop. Any suggestions,please? P.S.How can I place the sample PLC code, that I pulled out from the EEPROM card, here?
  3. CQM1-CPU43 Output OFF Bit SR 252.15

    Hi, tashinz. Thanks for prompt replay, as I understood - my PLC should be in running Mode, not Program,right? second one, to perfom the operation, i need go to online mode to perfome everything, you sugested. Will try and let you know. Thanks a lot, Alex.
  4. CQM1-CPU43 Output OFF Bit SR 252.15

    I am from AB world, but now am facing up with Omron PLC troubleshooting. One of my machines with Omron CQM1-CPU43 went out of work, because of low batteries in the PLC, program was lost and PLC stock with Error” Low battery” Is my luck, program was stored on EEPROM card, so I replaced the battery and reload program back to PLC, but after that other light on PLC comes up ”Output Inhibit Bit” is ON and all outputs are OFF. Operational manual sated just “turn back to OFF position, the “Output OFF Bit SR 252.15” and nothing else, where and how I can do it. I can not find in the CX programmer software the way to switch this bit, neither one rung in the program consist this bit, I really don’t know how solve this problem. Could you, please advice?