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  1. CJ2M Ethernet IP error F3

    thanks Micheal! i can fix this problem.
  2. OMFINS3 Citect #BAD Data

    Thank master! Your advice is very useful
  3. OMFINS3 Citect #BAD Data

  4. CJ2M Ethernet IP error F3

    Hi Micheal! My PLC CJ2M-CPU33 EIP 21 I set IP Sub I meet err MS flashing Er F3, Er HE IP 01, and cannot connect CX-Program to CPU, only meet IP EIP 21 because i cannot connect to CPU chang IP, you can show me how to fix this problem
  5. OMFINS3 Citect #BAD Data

    Dear experts! I have prolem communication CJ2M CPU33 with citect PC: PLC: unit 0 Board: ICPIP adress 1/10/0 Port:-I192.168.1.10 -P9600 -U IO device: OMFINS3 Citect.ini 1/100/0 Please give me advice how to fix this prolem. thank expert 111.bmp