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  1. Mitsubishi Q Series Error clear

    I've missed "allow remote reset" option :). After ticking the box it's working as I wanted. Cheers    
  2. Hi, I have a question about error clear on Mitsubishi Q Series (Q03UDE). Is there a way to clear 4100 error without power cycle CPU??? I've cleared the cause of the problem and I've tried to clear CPU error using SM50. I've put code 4100 into SD50 and then turned SM50 off and then on again, but CPU is still in ERROR state and I cannot switch it back on into RUN mode. I have to turn the power off then on again and that is solving the problem. The problem is that sometimes it is very hard to get to control cabinet to power cycle CPU. I would like to clear this error remotely if possible. Any ideas???
  3. Q Series and ZRST

    You can't use BKRST with step relay .
  4. Q Series and ZRST

    Hi there, I have to convert FX3U code to Q series PLC (Q03UDECPU) and I stuck with ZRST command. I have block of S registers that I need to reset and Q seriers is not supporting zone reset anymore and the manual doesnt say anything about alternative way to do it. FX code was simply as this: ZRST S0 S30 Can you help me with this please. I dont want to reset 30 steps line by line Kind Regards