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  1. Finally my CPU is still under warranty, no charges and a credit to buy a new one....
  2. Nous aurions pu ecrire en ferancais...loll
  3. Thanks Sparky According to Schneider spécialist, EXEC transfert is good but PLC does'nt want to start. There is a "failed" in transfert progress utility screen saying that: "Exit Kernel Mode:Failed". Schneider asked me to send the PLC for repair or one cost is 13000$
  4. My CPU 534 14B doesn't work. Run led flash 7 times. no possible MB+ connection, ERROR code meanings: 300 EXEC not loaded or 301 EXEC Checksum. It was working well then nothing can't even communicate with it. reset power without battery, download an other firmware (EXEC) 1.11 instead of 1.16, same problems. Someone can help on that case? I'm using NXT as programming software.