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  1. Actually there are over 600,000 visa workers. And yes I know. I've interviewed as a programmer/IT and the places are crawling with Indians and Chinese. The hiring managers are not American. This is cities near and where I live. A new study said that 3/4 of new tech jobs go to H1Bs. I'm not bagging on visa workers, kudos to them for the initiative. I have no desire to go live in Banglore or Dubai, thanks any way. It doesn't make me happy that companies can give preference to foreigners when Americans with skills are working less skilled jobs. My question is, are workers in this industry seeing the same huge takeover by tech workers with visas. If so, I may avoid it all together. What's the point in paying for an education only to have some foreign worker undercut you on salary, and some cheap business owner hiring nothing but low-wage foreign workers? Right?
  2. Hey. I have a BSEE and a MSECE. But I ended up in software development and IT. For 10-15 years I did programming, some embedded, mostly windows applications, and a bunch of system administration. C/C++ programming, shell and script, etc. The last 5-10 years I've been doing other things because frankly, I can't find work programming. Or the pay is ridiculously low. It all went south around 2001 when the doors were open on H1bs. I'm trying to turn it around. And was looking at local community college options to learn PLCs, HMIs, and robotics, etc. maybe mechatronics. BUT, I'm 45. What I was wondering is what are my chances? I'm pretty sure I can come up to speed with the technology. But I can't make up for no experience or an empty resume. How tight is the job market for automation folks? Are there many intern opportunities to get some experience? Is there huge competition with visa holders? Any help would be wonderful. It's really impossible to Google any such advice. Even thought it's just community college, you're still talking $1000s and time. Although I'm pretty geeked about the classes. Also, do you see a lot of discrimination for older workers. Will I be hurting if I start to hit stride at 50 and can't find a job? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'm glad to hear there is some demand although I may need to move around to find work. Do you see a lot of visa workers in your field?