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  1. Hi By Using Indusoft Web Studio, I've successful to communicate by using omron CPM1A. But for CPM2A non-prevail. Ive noticed that for CPM2A Words not used for input and output bits can be used for work bits. While for CPM1A words for input are IR00000 to IR00915 (Words 0 to 9) and words for output are IR01000 to IR01915 (Words 10 to 19). Can you explain to what are the different between Words input and output bits for omron CPM1A.and CPM2A. And how can we manipulate CPM2A words for output bits to switch output IR 01000 to IR 01915 On and Off. Thanks Best Regards Zack
  2. my ladder diagram..(sorry for rebundance upload) indusoft omrom cpm2a.pdf
  3. Hi. l've tried the communication driver sample from Indusoft website. The attached diagram shows my PLC setup and result. Indusoft GUI successfully read PLC I/O. Still i don't have any idea to make Indusoft write PLC I/O. Thank You Best Regards Zaid
  4. Hi Let go to this explanation first. The Omron PLC has three operating modes. Monitor Mode, Run Mode and Program Mode Monitor Mode: In monitor mode the PLC continues to execute any existing program, but gives the ability for the SCADA to write data into any of its registers. Alterations to the program can be made in this mode. Run Mode: When in run mode no registers can be written to, either by a SCADA or by the PLC programming software. Only monitoring of registers is supported in this mode. No alterations to the program can be made. Program Mode: This mode takes the PLC off line and stops any execution of a program, this allows the reprogramming of the PLC. Registers can be read or written to in this mode. To Start the Omron CQM PLC in monitor mode write the value 0201 into DM 6600 .To Start the PLC In run mode write the value 0202 into DM 6600. How can Indusoft web studio access parameter DM6600 area memory to change OMRON PLC operating mode (Monitor Mode, Run Mode and Program Mode). Thank You Best regards, Zaid
  5. I successfully read the input and output of OMRON PLC CPM2A with Indusoft web studio (IWS) by using OMPLC driver. I have select OMPLC driver (Serial Com). Then configure a driver worksheet. The driver worksheet is the place that PLC tags are associated to InduSoft tags. I successfully read the I/O but I failed to write the I/O of PLC by using IWS. Can you help me? It is difficult to find OMPLC Standard Driver Sheet (SDS) for control relay output block (CROB) and Analogue output block (AOB). The attached diagram shows My Standard Driver Sheet (SDS) setup. Thank you for your kind cooperation. Zack Malaysia