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  1. Please if anyone can help me, recently I installed a redundancy in my Factory View V8.20 server, but started to show some errors: My alarm banner and event simply disappeared and now I can not read tag from my opc server (KeepServer Modbus), I see this tag in the studio, but at runtime they do not communicate. * Patches are up date. Tks! Vitor
  2. Hi! As a sample in Rs Logix 5000 folder.
  3. 1747-AENTR

    Tudo bem com você? Então, o problema é que estou em viagem e estou tendo problemas para baixar a versão 21. Vou tentar baixar no hotel. Obrigado!!
  4. 1747-AENTR

    Hello, would like to change some ideas with you. I´m working in a new project and need convert an SLC500 to Controllogix, with a 1747-AENTR is possible create a SLC500 Eth remote.... but in my case i have two 1746-A13 (conected by expansor) and can´t add all the modules in a rslogix5000 aplication. In the 1747-AENTR manual say that is possible in the v21.00 of the rslogix5000... I really need install this new version? Don´t have other way? Thank you! Vitor Prado