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  1. Any chance the IP address or subnet is not compatible?  
  2. AB Power Flex Drive Analog not showing 0%

    Hi everyone,  I have AB Powerflex drive 755s.  I am trying to trim the analog to 0% speed indication on my SCADA system.  Currently it  shows 0.23% speed when the motor is not running.  I tried trimming down the analog from the drive.  It got me close but not all the way.  3.999 mA = -0.01% and 4.000 mA = 0.01 % speed on SCADA.  Is there an easy way in RS Logix 5000 to make 3.90 - 4.10 mA equal 0.00% speed?  
  3. Hard Coding TON s

    I am relatively new to programing.  In one of my plants programs the programmers use an MOV to hard code the TON accumulator.  What is the advantage of this?    
  4. Current Monitoring

    I would bet that in rush amps at motor start up are tripping your breaker.  NEC is pretty flexible about increasing rated capacity on overcurrent protection devices on motor starters to accomidate inrush amps.  
  5. RS Logix 5000 New Subroutine

    Everything else is working correctly. Its function block. I added the new subroutine under a task specific for odor control. The JSR function block is in Main under Task Odor Control
  6. RS Logix 5000 New Subroutine

    I recently added some very simple logic to a large PLC program I have running on L-7 processor.  It is basically just a elapsed time meter for some odor control fans. For organizational sake I added a new subroutine and called it Run_Times.  Under Main Program for that file I added a JSR and named it Run_Times.  My problem is that the logic is not active.  The tags are good and I see a 1 on the motor running status but the accumulator is just sitting there.    Any ideas?
  7. Convert analog KW to KWH daily total.

    Thank you guys for responding to my post.   I was thinking  of using the first example.  I'm pretty new at programming and it seems a little simpler.  I was thinking of sampling ever second for 24 hours then taking that number and dividing it by 3600.  This would give me KWH over a 24 hour period.   Is there a way to reset the Totalizer after a 24 hour period and move the final reading to another tag that could hold that reading for 24 hours until the cycle starts over again.  I am trying to end up with a yesterday's total that I can export from my SCADA system to a Hach Wims report.
  8. Convert analog KW to KWH daily total.

    I have a Control Logic AB processer and RS Logix 20.04 program that uses function block programming.  I have a 4-20mA analog signal for Kilowatts.  How can I take this analog signal and convert it into a daily total?  
  9. Alternating Pumps using ladder logic

    Little early in the year for finals! What I am really trying to avoid is pulling a bunch of wire and putting in a bunch of relays. Not looking for anyone to do my work for me. Just a few suggestions.
  10. Alternating Pumps using ladder logic

    Hey. Thanks for the reply. I was pretty lite on the details. It is a duplex wastewater pump station. The pumps will be controlled by 3 floats. An off float, lead and lag. The lead float locks in the lead pump until the off float drops out. The lag float will pull in both pumps until the off float drops out. The pumps need to alternate after each cycle.
  11. Alternating Pumps using ladder logic

    Experienced maintenance tech, novice programmer. Looking for some advice on alternating pumps using ladder logic. I have a Allen Bradley 10 point Micro Logix processor that I will be using. Does anyone have an example of this they could share with me. Thank you
  12. SLC 5 Software

    I currently have RS Logix 5000. Can I use this to communicate with a SLC 5? Would that cause any issues for someone coming behind me with RS Logix 5?