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  1. Hello, Almost a year your question, I think I may have an answer for you. About the address you have to write, it is %MW1, which translates to address 40001 in modbus tcp, since it uses standard mobus addressing scheme. Keep in mind the data type. The figure simply tells you there's an offset for correspondence from Simatic to standard addressing. This is, if you want to read/write MW301 from Simatic, you have to direct it in your program as MW300. This is a case I've seen for Magelis. Hope this helps. Regards.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new around, and have been looking for some tips on communications. I need to communicate a Quantum PLC (master) to a GE RX3i. I was thinking on working it out through IOScanning, for it seems the best way to read and write data. On the other hand, I think to download this new config, the PLC must be stopped, so direct messaging seems the alternative. I must say this is my first time actually configuring modbustcp comms, so I want to make sure it works out. The comms are like this: i- Quantum reads a series of variables (holding registers, right?) and uses them for logics and for magelis. ii- Quantum must write very few registers to Fanuc, so if I configure IOScanning with, say, %MW350, will it deposit the data on %R40350? Does this standard addressing mean I actually get the info on %R350? iii- Does direct messaging config require to stop PLC for addition of blocks? This Quantum was programmed on FBD, which I'm really not that familiar with. Please help me, I want to use the most reliable messaging for this are somewhat critical processes.