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  1. Panasonic PLC FP2SH

    You can get information about FPWINPRO Version 6 and Version 7 here: 
  2. Panasonic FX-Sigma PLC IP Address

    FPWINPRO is used only as a programming tool for the PLC, it wont be possible to use to monitor, or change the FPWEBserver your case the IP address. The FPWEBSERVER can be configured using the FPWEB configurator tool. You can find out the IP address of the FPWEBSERVER or any other unit in your LAN by opening in any browser the actual router configuration page. You can use IPconfig /all from your PC ( if the PC is in in the same LAN) or many other Network monitoring programs. In your particular case, you are not in the same LAN. You need to login using a VPN ( or a wireless modem, or else). If the FPWEBSERVER is using an static IP address your options are limited to actually being part of the same LAN. There are some other alternatives using the unit, for instance if you decide to use a DNS server. There is not one way to establish this type connection, the unit can offer you many ways to be configured...but it will be more up to the Network itself to allow or granted access to the server. You need to get the FPWEB Configurator, any change or update over the FPWEBSERVER will be done using this program. Please consider reaching our Panasonic Technical support for further details.
  3. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Hi Jaymac, FPWINPRO offer easy ways to set up a timer.....actually you can use the help file and "-copy-and-paste" the sample code from the help file into your ladder program. For instance if you want to use the TON timer ( Time On-delay) will two input two ouputs. The input for IN could any BOOL variable, or a direct PLC address such as R0, X0 or Y0. The PT input is the preset time, enter using this syntax T#3s ( for 3 seconds). The output Q will be a Boolean variable or a PLC address (R0 or Y0,,,inputs such as X0 makes no sense to use...Do you know why ?)...finally the ET output ot elapsed will see there the time from 0 to PT. Recall to keep the same format T#xxxxxx ( time base)....Let us if you have further questions ... Regards Bill
  4. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Hi Jaymac Right place, and right file.....if you have any issue with the USB port in this PLC you can download the driver from this site (just click here USB DRIVER ). Regards, Bill
  5. Panasonic FP0R C32T Problem

    The programming port in this PLC is RS232, is you don't have a rS232 port in your laptop, you will be force to use a USB-RS232 such case you need to verify that this converter is up and running properly and you need to find the COM port number that windows will assign to it...this port number will be used in FPWINPRO/FPWINGR to reach out the PLC.....Let us know if you need further details ....
  6. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Jaymac, The current version of FPWINPRO 7 allow you to use up to 10 000 steps, this will be enough to make a very good PLC program. FPWINPRO is IEC 61131 so you will have 5 different ways to program your PLC. Ladder logic is one of them.... This is the link to FPWINPRO version 7 Good luck with your development and let us know if you need help ! Regards Bill