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  1. How to save the Trends in Rslogix500?

    The only way I've ever been able to save the trend information is to right click on the trend window, select PRINT, and then print to XPS document writer. This then "Prints" a copy to a location on your hard drive.
  2. Control Logix5000 MSG Function Over Ethernet

    Thanks alot for this! I was quite suprised that the "Browse" feature for identifying the Path could not follow the Ethernet module any further, at least I couldn't get it to anyway. I expected to click on the Ethernet module and for it to expand and show everything on that network, similar to how Linx can manage networks. Perhaps AB will expand on this in the future
  3. I'm having a bit of difficulty with the MSG function on a logix5000. I'm simply trying to get a REAL value ("BH5_Flow") out of another logix5000 and assign it to a tag in the PLC. I've created a MSG function and created a new tag "BH_5_Flow_MSG" for the message, and created "BH5_Flow_M" for the value that will come from the MSG function. When I click the "..." button to bring up the config, I put the following in: Message Type: CIP Data Table ReadSource Element: BH5_FLOWNumber Of Elements: 1Destination Element: BH5_FLOW_MIn the PATH tab, i then put the following in: Path: LocalENB, 2, [iP ADDRESS OF SOURCE MACHINE]When I test the edits, I then get the ERR bit activate with error 16#0004 when the message rung runs. Anyone got any ideas where Im going wrong? I've practically copied another MSG instruction from further up the ladder but it doesn't seem to work