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  1. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Programming temporarily on hold. Be back to it in a few days. Jaymac
  2. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Thanks again Bill. "The PT input is the preset time, enter using this syntax T#3s ( for 3 seconds). The output Q will be a Boolean variable or a PLC address (R0 or Y0,,,inputs such as X0 makes no sense to use...Do you know why ?)". I assume it is because X's are inputs and it is better sense to use an internal relay or output relay, also inputs are usually needed more often than outputs and as a consequence should not be "wasted". It will be tomorrow before I get to look at it again but thanks again. Regards Jaymac.
  3. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Hi , this is off topic a bit I noticed after the previous post that my description has been changed from "newbie " to "sparky" . I suppose its pretty obvious with the adherence to switches and relays etc. Might I add that mobile phones and PLC's were thin on the ground when I started out. Jaymac
  4. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Please, is there anyone who can give me some guidance on how to put a timer into a programme I am writing in ladder format. My experience with other soft ware is probably leading me astray in that it made things too easy for me. There was a bank of timers to select from and once selected there were options as to the way it could be made to behave within the programme. The "first steps" direct me to a function block but I am hoping to be able to select an icon (as is the case for an input, internal relay or an output) and then apply the time to it and how it behaves, ie, delay on or delay off. Regards Jaymac
  5. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    For those who are remotely interested, I have started to write a programme in ladder format. I have to admit the going is painfully slow. The 1st steps advise at least 2 hours trial - I think I've spent more than that on the timers alone. I am at present exploring the various aspects of how to put in a timer relay( "delay on" - I think is the correct term to use. I think it is a matter of making myself familiar with the terminology used in the manual.) and apply a time value to it My experience with another PLC type has given me a head start in as much as, I have a clear vision of what I am trying to achieve but as I said - the going is slow. Regards Jaymac
  6. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Hey Ho I've got the basic layout for project up on my screen. Don't as me how this happened, because I honestly don't know. When I clicked on the icon and tried it today, what looks to me to be the correct page has opened. Super, all i got to do now is sus how to write a programme. Jaymac.
  7. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Down loaded and installed F P WIN PRO 7 and installed it on my computer. Tried to open it (without the connection between my computer and the PLC) Got a text box saying I need to have a file - PxMewtocol7.dll. Advised me to try installing it again, - which I did more than once. But to no avail. Regards Jaymac
  8. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Me again . I just got to page 27 "Connections" Got this piece of info, For the connection between a personal computer (USB) and the control unit (USB) USB cable (For C30 and C60 only). Any more of this and the excitement will be too much for me. Jaymac.
  9. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Hi Bill. Progress is slow. I hope you or some sympathetic person don't mind giving me some help. I downloaded the instruction manual - 544 - pages of it. I've started to read it. Might take a month. I will not be able to understand a large % of it, but as they say in some places "throw a stone and at least you might hit a chimney pot". Page (14) (Features and Functions) indicates a computer connected to the USB port on the FPX . Does that mean you can use as a direct connection for sending a programme from the computer to the PLC and also the reverse, downloading from the PLC to the computer. (If that is the correct terminology) Cheers for now. Regards Jaymac
  10. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Followed your link Bill. It took me to a Panasonic site with lots of stuff Saw a file that looked like it was a good prospect . This one: FPWIN Pro 7S version 7.020 free basic version that supports all PLCs including the FP7 up to 10000 steps. 2014-08-04 338.06 MB English As can be seen it is almost 340 MB - Would take too long (hours) to down load on my internet connection. I'll take my laptop to a faster connection tomorrow and see if I can speed the operation up a bit. Cheers. Jaymac
  11. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Thanks Bill. I haven't investigated it yet. Looking forward to it. Time is my enemy in some respects. Jaymac
  12. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    Thanks for the reply. I've had a look at that and was put off by the cost of the software - more than I am prepared to pay - it's for a leisure activity rather than a money making proposition. I'm led to believe there is a demo version with a limit on the extent of use. I intend to look at that possibility and see where it gets me. Regards. Jaymac.
  13. Panasonic FP-X C30R

    I'm very much a novice to plc programming. I've dabbled in years past with Mitsubishi FX units with Medoc long before G X Developer became available. I also did a bit on Schneider using Zelio software. All very much simple stuff using ladder logic and internal relays But I've got me a Panasonic PLC that is surplus to requirements where I work and I would like to investigate the possibility of using it for practice purposes. Who knows, I might even get it to do something useful. I expect it is a few years old - its got a version No 2.4 and what seems like a date on it 080916. First query - is there software available for this item. Second query will it be compatible with a computer running on Windows 7. I've checked on the internet and see that there is documentation out there the plc. I decided ask for some informed opinion from before I go too far into what turns out to be a "cul de sac". Regards jaymac.