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  1. Fatek PLC Communication Problem

    I am only having this problem with a specific plc (with others, same brand and model FATEK FBs series) everything goes well. This one has been used by a colleague and I don't know if it has any "strange" program running that is inhibiting  the port usage or, worst, if he simply broke the plc somehow. Any way to make a hard reset to the plc? Clean program?...anything...  
  2. Fatek PLC Communication Problem

    Hi, I have the same problem. Any solution?  
  3. Hi I need to program my fatek fab Plc with the following : . I need to detect between a single long input or a repeated second pulse. The idea is to control a window blind with two outputs of the Plc and two inputs (one for up, from a up switch and another for down from the down switch). the blind should go up until I maintain the key pressed. But when I make a repeated two pulse on the key it should go up automatically during a certainly define time (enough to completely open the blind). The same for the down direction. I need help on that.