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  1. Question about PanelBuilder32 .PVA vs .PBA

    PVA is the runtime file for your PanelView panel, PBA the PanelBuilder32 application file.
  2. There is an IP_Info ActiveX Control, but it only works with PanelView Plus CE panels.
  3. Hi all, While upgrading HMI from PanelBuilder32 to FactoryTalk View I encounter a problem using I/O to interface with a PanelView Plus. The communication is defined in RSLogix 5 program as Rack 3 group 2 Size 3/4, range 32-37. PLC communication with the panel is not changed, but buttons in old PanelView using I:34 and I:35 work, in the new PV+ they don't, all bits remain zero. Block transfers Read and Write are all sending data to rack 3 group 2 module 0. While testing I noticed O:32 is used as status bits by the Block Transfers - maybe inputs I:34 and I:35 are also used for somethings similar by a new PanelView Plus? Thanks!
  4. PanelView Visibility Animation Delay

    I have the same issue. The only way I found to improve the button visibility behaviour was switching from indirect addressing (HMI taglist) to direct addressing (for example {::[shortcut]N10/0}. This improves update speed of the button and it no longer blinks after changing displays while navigating the HMI.