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  1. FX3U-64DP, profibus missing slave

    You understood it right, I am refering to the master module. The master module stops communication with all the slaves when one slave got disconnected. I want to keep the remaining connected slaves to do cycliic data exchange with the master module(FX3U-64DP). I just don't know how.
  2. FX3U-64DP, profibus missing slave

    I have also configured my master and bus parameters using GX configurator. I hope that you can give us some sample configuration if this is a bus parameter problem. I noticed that when I pull the 9-pin connector of the cable from one of the slaves, the RUN LED of FX3U-64DP starts flickering. Is there a way to keep this RUN LED to steady on whenever I disconnect one of the slaves? By the way, Idone my programming using GX Developer.
  3. FX3U-64DP, profibus missing slave

    Mr Propeller Head, thanks for the reply, but i would like to know how it will be done. Is it done in programming? If it is, what instruction in GX developer would that be? I saw in Siemens that they have an instruction SFC12 that enable them to remove a slave in profibus and the communication continue. I like to know if FX3U-64 have an instruction just like this.
  4. Good Day, I would like to know how FX3U-64DP-M will keep cyclic data exchange running even if one of its active slaves is disconnected or shut off. Thanks.