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  1. Transmission problem BARCODESCANNER to CP1L-EM

    Hello, I think I have a new problem and maybe the solution, As you can see in the pictures above, when I push a little bit the connector a red led starts to shine, This means that if the led if OFF is the connector not working? IS the connector injured?
  2. Transmission problem BARCODESCANNER to CP1L-EM

    Do you know what kind of barcode do I have to write in order to have the CR,LF at the end? Now I am writing 1013, that is the suffix in the specifications. The type of code is Code 39. If it doesn't work, shall I put, for example, &10 bytes to store (in the RXD FB) and &10 recieved bytes as end code (in the settings)? My reader supports full handshake, shall I continue with the new pinout?
  3. Transmission problem BARCODESCANNER to CP1L-EM

    Maybe in the picture it's hard to see, but there is a bridge in 4 and 5. I found another posible good graph: What do you think? Can it work? rxd (1).cxp
  4. Transmission problem BARCODESCANNER to CP1L-EM

    I did what you said but I can't recieve any data, any flag is ON... Maybe the problem is with the flags?? The error flags are Off too...
  5. Transmission problem BARCODESCANNER to CP1L-EM

    I will try and I will give feedback. Thank you for all the quick responses!
  6. Transmission problem BARCODESCANNER to CP1L-EM

    In the attached file I can not see the pin number 9 in one side and the 8 in the other side, so what I have to do with them? What kind of hardware do I have to use to join it in your way? Thank you
  7. Transmission problem BARCODESCANNER to CP1L-EM

    Hello all, As some recomendations in previous topics, in the RXD funtion, in the NUMBER OF BYTES TO STORE, I put the A394 flag. I restarted all the system and now the scanner sends me back a short beep and a green flash light (it means that the decode was successful and the communication too). However, in the memory there is nothing, and in the 394 and 392.14 also all is 0. What can I do ? Thank you up front
  8. Transmission problem BARCODESCANNER to CP1L-EM

    Gtsuport, Thank you for the response, but the scanner is connected with a USB to 232C, so I don't know how to check what you are saying to me. I attach you some pictures and let’s see if you can help me. Thank you very much
  9. Hello all, I am trying to connect a barcode scanner to my plc using a 232C in the serial1. The scanner is a motorolla ls3578 fz, with the following parameters: Transmit code ID: yes Data Transmission format: Data/suffix Suffix: CR(1013) Baud rate: 9600 Parity: none Hard/software handshacking: none Stop bit select: 1 Ascii format: 8 bit RTS Line state: high Prefix: none In order to send data form the scanner to the plc, I use the RXD function block with the following parameters: First receive word: D300 Control word: 0100(hex) Number of bytes: &10 All the communication settings of the PLC are the same that the scanner ones. PROBLEMS 1)When I scan something the scanner beeps as if a transmission error occurs, and the data is ignored. 2)The A392.14 never comes ON and. POSIBLE SOLUTIONS Type of barcode: Now I am using a Code39 barcode. Is it OK? How can I implement the suffix? I have a software that allows me create new barcodes, but I don’t know what kind of data do I need. With 1234567891013 the 1st problem occurs. With 123456789 nothing happens. Communication settings: maybe my communication settings are not well defined. I attach you the file and maybe someone find out an error. Thank you up front! rxd.cxp