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  1. Comparison of analog signal with FX3-4AD

    Ok, Finaly found the solution for this. Answer is to use GT_E but you need to uncheck the check box in tools, where you can deside if GT* is used as SET or COIL output. As rookie I can learn lots of new things :P
  2. Comparison of analog signal with FX3-4AD

    Hi experts! I was trying to use GT_E function, but it seems to leave that output to True mode once comparision gone TRUE. What would be perfect, is that once signal value changes will the output change also. - Juha
  3. Hi everyone! I have this simple problem, but cant get over it. I have structured ladder/FBD Project and i use GX works2. As topic tells I use analog signal from field. Now, i need to compare this value X (from field) to Values X1 and X2, meaning if value X is between values X1 and X2 then M1 is true. Ok, but what function i need to use for this? Best regards, Juha.

    Hi all, Im new with plc programming and now I need some help. As topic says, I have FX3U plc and gx works2. Now, I need to tell stack heigth as positions by output. We all agree, that you can tell ten different situations when you have four outputs (Y1 and Y4 = position five). Is there any practical/ reasonable way to do this when you need use outputs. For example, is there any Functions for this, or? Best regards Ultra.