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  1. MAD42

    Thanks for all the help, finally manage to make a program that worked ;) workingPLC.cxp
  2. MAD42

    I removed the external 250ohm and check the wiring. I am getting 18mA in to the card at both enteries. But I am still not abel to get any results in the cx- program, witch instruction should I use in the cx-program? I have switched all the inputs/outputs to 4-20mA also. If possible could anyone give me an example plc program with instructions to analog inputs/outputs?
  3. MAD42

    I changed all the inputs to 4-20mA, but still I don`T get any signal inn. maybe you could take a look at the program I attatched and see if I use the wrong function blocks or am I still using the wrong adresses?
  4. MAD42

    In this program i just tryed to get a singal at any of the functionblocks, but I did not get any signal in at all. Am i using the wrong fucntion block or is the adress wrong. I swtiched all of the inputs to 4-20mA. What is wrong.cxp
  5. MAD42

    Thanks for replay. Should i just take all of these IN in on? But where do I find the adress of them in the cx-programmer? and witch block should i use for analog inputs?
  6. MAD42

    Hello all I have a task to connect a auxitrol l20d to my omroan plc i have these moduls: CJ2M - ID211 - OC211 and MAD42. The l20d should go from 18-5mA and when it hits 5mA a alarm should go off, my problem is how can I adress the inputs/outputs in the MAD42. My wiring to the L20D is this : The l20d is connect to A1 5-6 with + at 5 and - at 6 How can I adress the anonlog inputs in MAD42. Could anyone help me, or maybe give me an example program? Thanks in advance ;)