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  1. FX1S decimal help

    JRoss Thanks again for helping me. I have implemented the coding and it has made it much clearer. I see what you mean about getting another decimal but considering i have already scaled up the decimal from 11.40 to 1140 getting and answer with a decimal if fine as i don't need that finer of accuracy just two decimal place is fine with in the answer it self plus using a encoder of 100 or more if close to the mark. Perhaps if i was using something with 20 ppr or less then i might add it in. Thanks again Regards Daniel
  2. FX1S decimal help

    Hi There This is my first time using data registry and even going over the manuals is don't seem to be sinking. So here is my problem i have 3 variables (data input) and i want to count the calculated result. Lest start i have 2 variables i want to divided from each over 11.4 and 2.5 answer 4.56 I then have an encoder (variable 3 as this can always change on pules per revolution) 100 I then times the result with variable 3 to get 456. From this i have managed to get what i want but it seems a very long away around 70 steps!!! or so.. also i can only use an encoder that is divided by 100. From the attachment you can see that i got my result D16 just wondering is there another way of doing it? also i get lost when it start to go into 32 bit. your help would be apprishatded Regards Daniel
  3. FX1S decimal help

    Thanks JRoss I will have a look at this and adjust as well as change the HMI settings. Regards Daniel
  4. Not sure if it will help, You can have two networks running along side each other as long as you have the key items. 2 x network card/connection for each PC you would like to talk to both Have a 2 network switch (this will manage the network you want.) This is something we do on vessel to keep the network clear of the data network from the different sensors You will need another sever for this to keep performance. Also have to run separate network cables to each computer you want to to have access to the other network. Trying to access another network through one computer can be done but it can also slow down the exciting network.