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  1. So I have thought about creating my own Business for the last few years. With this business I would go shop to shop/factory to factory teaching anywhere from Basic PLC programming to HMI design and integrations. I love to share any bit of my Knowledge/experience with anyone and I have learned this more when at my first engineering job they had me train several guys on how to start up Servo Motor jobs with PLC and HMI's. I really enjoyed helping others learn and get over the hump of intimidation and lack of experience with electronics and such. 

    I then started a career of being a PLC Instructor (part-time) for adults and this too help me with my idea of starting my business. At my instructing school we would get a variety of people anywhere from fresh out of High School to experienced Maintenance guys that want to specialize in PLC and HMI's. 

    With all of this being said, does anyone think there would be a great amount of need for someone to come your work place and teach Allen Bradley, Omron, and Mitsubishi PLC and HMI and maybe one day down the road Servo Motors and logic for them too? I think that more one on one with a couple trainer lab stations, I could really help not only workers advance themselves but also companies benefit both? I have gone to training for my previous employers, sometimes traveling far away for a week at a time and costing my employer a lot of money where my rate would be must less and on-site of the customer/trainee's.

    Feel free to add anything or comment anything to this with ideas or encouragement.