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  1. Buy what PLC?

    Thanks to you all for replying. What I am actually looking for is a solution for the totality: PLC, additional I/Os, field bus (if the price allows it), some thing to run (motor, compressor, anything with reasonable price). I also need to get access som some tutorial or otherwise educational material. What I have a lot of is patience and a serious attitude to these things. What I do not have a lot of are funds in size of a major industrial company. My price range for the whole thing will have to be between 0-500 €. I refuse to put myself further i debt.
  2. Buy what PLC?

    Thanks for replying so fast. I am a new engineer who wants to improve my skills to be able to get a job easier. I have already programmed PLC ladder logic in Step 7 almost a whole semester in school. That semester also included creation of HMI.
  3. Buy what PLC?

    Hi I want to buy a PLC and additional required stuff, to play with at home. Where do I find cheap PLCs? What software do I need to make this work with a Windows 8 PC? What other physical interface and software is needed/recommended?