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  1. q04udeh&qj71c24n-r4

    Hello everyone. i use q04udeh cpu and     rs-485 qj71c24n-r4 communication module. I  try to receive information from external device(2000amp power supply). im not a professional plc guy. On that moment i get MSG_RECV_String[7],  and store them in separate buffer from K1B108 to K1B120. i skip one because i do not need that k4B100 , and start from k1B108. I want to show value Voltsx10, but i need some help to do it. when i change value i see numbers from each separate MOV block function, but i can not convert them to decimal.(or i do not know how to do it). When i try BIN command i have error message 4100. Thank you for any suggestions.    
  2. q-series comunnication

    Hello everyone. I use Mitsubishi plc Q03udecpu, also qd65pd2(encoder module 2-channel input). I wish to read encoder pulses(location) and also GPS coordinates(rs-232port). These data should been save in computer file. I need some idea how to do. Do mitsubishi has any software to record data and after take a look? For display i use GOT Soft 2000.. Thank you for any suggestions.
  3. Unable to connect E1101 to pc via ethernet

    try to make hard reset hmi.(if you do not need read software from hmi) On back you have 4 dip switches 3-switch on position(reset settings and go back to factory setup).Im using E--designer to programing that HMI E1101.Also i connect by network.