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  1. Display Screen Error

    Hello All, I have a question that is similiar related to this topic: In the System Environment/Screen Switching diplay, what is the difference between BIN switching device data type vesus BCD switching device data type under settings and in what scenario would you use one vesus the other?
  2. GX works 2 line statements

    On my version of GX Developer 8.103, I tried adding a Statement line with the "Documentation/Statement/Note Block Edit" but the Change Type button is greyed out. What do I need to do get the chnage type selection back?
  3. Missing Line Statements

    Hello, I am new to the Mitsubishi world (mostly AB and Siemens guy). I recently picked up a "hand me down" project. I have GX works2 on Win 7 64 bit system and PLC code was originally developed by someone else in with GX developer. My lab setup consists of a FX3G PLC and GOT1000 HMI. I downloaded the PLC code to the the FX3G device with GX developer and encountered some popups about memory. I played with some of the parameters in PLC memory and was able to download fine. Next I went to GXWorks and uploaded the current project from the PLC and noticed that Line Statements are missing. I have enabled Comments, Statements and Notes under the "View" pane but no line statements showed up. Has anyone encountered this issue before and if so how did you fix it? After further digging in GX Developer, I discovered that all Line Statements created has the "In peripheral" attribute. Does this mean it never gets written to PLC memory during download?
  4. GT Designer Comms problem

    I have GT Designer2 installed on a Win XP virtual machine. I have used the USB to serial Comm port to to upload PLC software from a FX3g plc and this works fine. My problem is trying to upload software from a GOT1000 series OIT using the same UBS-serial comm port/cable. I get the folowing error: (see attached capture) What am I doing wrong? The only thing different is that I am running Gx Developer 8.103H in my Win 7 64 bit system and that talks to the PLC fine. I am unable to get GT designer 2 to talk to the GOT1000 in Virtual XP mode. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.