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  1. Easy Modbus-Rtu Master - Slaves Freezing

    Unfortunately the only parameters we get is to define drive's node, baud rate, parity, and rtu or ascii. I already changed the connection cable, decreased the baud rate, increased the number of retries, nothing seems to work. Right now i'm waiting for a reply from Parker. Thanks anyway for your sugestion.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm facing problems implementing the Easy modbus-rtu master solution kindly provided by PMCR. i'm working with a CJ2M, and i have a SCU41-v1 connected to 5 AC10 series Parker drives, using modbus at Port 1 (Protocol Macro as indicated in the manual- 2 wire). Everything works ok after powering up the system. Unfortunately, after a few minutes, one of the parker drives freezes communication. An hour later....another. And so on. If I reboot the drive, powering it off and on, it starts communicating again. Any ideas about what might be causing this? Thanx.