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  1. Hi Kom,    Ofc you can control page the page without clicking anything. I guess this helps you. Use the Configuration-Control block feature to assign an address for screen page control.    https://prnt.sc/25ycxiq   Here you can see, i assigned D0 address for the page control so if the Q output changes from 0 to 1, you can set the page number at D0 that you want to jump.  
  2. online edit problem

    Hi All, I have a strange situation about online editing on CJ series plc's. As i know, I/O comments can be changed during online editing in Ladder diagram, If I/O comments have been changed when online editing is ended, a confirmation message will appear asking if the symbol table file should be transferred to file memory. However i have a cj2m cpu and confirmation message does not appear when online edit is ended, and the changes not appear on cpu unit when i transfer the program from cpu. It occuers some plc's not only one plc and with different PC the conclusion is same. Do you have any idea or suggestion at that point? Thanks in advance.
  3. HMI suggestion for CJ1m

    I don't know your exact cpu code however if you have built-in ethernet port, you can connect the NA series HMI. If you dont have built-in ethernet port, you need cj1w-eip21 or cj1w-etn21 to connect NA hmi. Serial port does not support as i know. You can also check the Omron NB hmi series to connect cj1m. It supports rs 232 and ethernet ports.
  4. host and NJ Connection via fins

    Hello, Thank you so much for clear explanation. I understood now how it is working . Have a nice day.
  5. host and NJ Connection via fins

    Thank you Michael. If it is possible, could you share an example fins command to write a value to D0? I am not good at about fins. I am reading fins command user manual but i couldn't understand verywell. http://paginas.fe.up.pt/~pfs/recursos/plcs/omron/cs1/com_manual/sec31.pdf
  6. Hello all, I am trying to communicate nj with interface which is developed by c# or java via fins. However to understand fins communication firstly, i am using multiway software to send fins commands. after connection to nj through multiway, there is button to change mode and i can change the mode of NJ, run mode or program mode. But i couldn't write or read any variable from NJ. is that possible to write value of NJ variable wtih fins commands? if it is, are there any example or explanation for it? if i couldn't it with fins how can i control the NJ with my interface? There is software for it called compolet but it is quite expensevie solution for me. I check that document and written there "You cannot use FINS commands to access variables in an NJ-series CPU Unit. To access variables, change from FINS to CIP commands. You can use CIP commands to access variables by addressing them to the NJ-series CPU Unit through an EtherNet/IP network." page(14) it confused my mind. http://downloads.omron.us/IAB/Products/Automation%20Systems/Machine %20Automation%20Controllers/NJ%20Series/W518/Sysmac_NJ_FINS_TechnicalGuide_en_201205_W518-E1-01.pdf I look forward to your comments. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
  7. HMI Remote Viewer

    Hi, +1 Crossbow 7 inch screen or above is supported for android. However you can use this software iphone phones because ios does not require 7 inch screen or above.
  8. plc-plc via internet

    It helped me a lot, Thanks again.
  9. plc-plc via internet

    Hi pmcr, socket service is also confusing for me. CJ2M_CPU3 bulitin ethernet/ip port support fins as i know, i really want to try it, which documents should i read? i didnt find manual fins to ip conversion,As i thought, port forwarding is okey, send receive commands same like doing with ethernet cable, just the point data conversion fins to ip confusing right? Could you give me more detail please? Have a nice day.
  10. plc-plc via internet

    Hi, Thanks for sharing. However this document also explaining connect plc via cx-programmer from far as i understood. I need to ensure that 2 plcs can transfer datas with port forwarding. If it is possible, do i need to use send&receive commands or anyone elses? As i imagine, first plc send the data to router, router send the other router, and second plc receive the datas from receiver. Am i right?
  11. plc-plc via internet

    Hello all, I wonder that is it possible to communicate 2 CJ2M plcs or 2 NJ controllers via internet? Those are far from each other. There is WE70 wirelles unit however distance between them more than 5 km. Any idea how can i solve this issue? Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
  12. CP1W-CIF41 Ethernet Module Cannot Connect

    Hi, First of all you can not change the ip address of cif41 via web browser directly. You can see an article about changing ip address of cif41 below link. http://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1212 And about your problem, you can see the ip address of cif41 via plc. Did you try it? To check the ip address look "n+155 and n+156" n = DM32000 + 300×(0xFD - Unit Address) Unit address for Option port 1(if I/O capacity 14/20 ) 0xFC, (if I/O capacity 30/40/60) 0xFD Unit address for Option port 2 (I/O capacity 30/40/60 ) 0xFC -- ozeufu
  13. Help with SEND function block

    Thnx a lot, it was done, as you say after create a routing table in CP1L i could use the send and receive funct. blocks in nj. Thank you so much again. Have a nice day. http://i.hizliresim.com/ZD1ky0.png
  14. how to write program to find max and min value

    Hi, Which PLC do you have? Most of them have a instruction to finds the max/min value in the range. there are also some options like unsigned or sgined. You can check the max/min commands for details from help on cx programmer.
  15. Help with SEND function block

    Hi PMCR, I am also trying the same thing. I have NJ contr., cp1l-m30 plc and cp1w-cif41 ethernet opt. board. I want to comm. them via fins. As your screanshot i did the samethings but i am not succed to send a data from NJ to CP1L. I took some scrnsht, could you look that and suggest me which points am i wrong? I am using first option port of CP1L. I didnt anything CP1L just change ip address of the cif41. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day. http://i.hizliresim.com/ZDN9n0.png http://i.hizliresim.com/l7YO4l.png http://i.hizliresim.com/VVprBq.png http://i.hizliresim.com/vEzjyO.png http://i.hizliresim.com/1yPJ71.png