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  1. CJ1W-CTL41-E & encoder

    well, i think the response is here a reply from "expert" that we can't run some simulation.
  2. simulation in cx-programmer

    Thank you for your replies. I have the same problem with the high speed counter unit CJ1W-CTL41-E. I wrote a ladder program for configuring the settings of the unit but i coudn't do the simulation. Well, is there another way to run a simulation using any other software in cx-one? thanks again.
  3. CJ1W-CTL41-E & encoder

    Hello Is there anybody to reply me please? i have a problem in configuring the high speed counter unit CJ1w-CTL41-E with a CJ2M cpu. I have no errors in my ladder program and i coudn't find why i can not see the variable incrementing wiht PRV instruction. thank you in advance
  4. Hello I want to simulate my interrupt program but i coudn't. I'm using CJ2M-CPU32, in the I/O table, i have created an interrupt unit CJ1W-INT0 in the principle rack (starting adress 0000) and an input unit ID262 and an output one OD262. I have configured in MSKS instruction in a cyclic task of startup to enabe interrupt input 0.00. then, i have used cx-designer to crate an on/off buttom which adress is CIO 0.00 in order to simulate the interrupt input in the unit. in cx-programmer, the task 100 related to the interrupt input 0 is not running. I also think to create a contact which adress is 0.00 and force it to on in order to call the interrupt task but it does not resolve my problem. I have searched in the web a demonstration for simulating an interrupt task from an input basic unit. I find a program in this link I have runned the simulation but always the same problem. how could I simulate the interrupt task. Can any one help me, i would be thankeful.