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  1. thx for the response, this project is runing on a Q12H CPU. about the licence, my colleagues are telling me it's a full licence. personal I'm totally new in Mitsubishi. how does it work to update GX developer? I FOUND THE CAUSE!!: "Suspended because unmatched No. of items exceeds 100." a little detail to the project. somehow we lost all comments between the networks (all device comments are still present). So in a verify we get a lot of mismatching items. does anyone know if this is an setting or fixed limit?
  2. Hi, I have a challenge with GX developer version 8.63R (SW8D5C-GPPW-E). I'm trying to verify 2 projects (offline). Some programs I know there are changes but they are not shown in the verification. In 1 program I did see the last checked change was in step 1496 (next change I did see by manual check was step 1502. it seems like this type of verification is limited to 1500 steps to check. Is there any way I can make this offline verification work? the most progams that we have in our project are over 2000 steps. big thanks in foreward