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  1. Ignition - any review?

    I'm not.
  2. Ignition - any review?

    Here's some descriptions and reviews of Ignition: Inductive Automation's Ignition - Ignition Versus: FactoryTalk View – Licensing and Training Costs - Ignition Versus: FactoryTalk View – Component Scripting Capabilities -
  3. Light SCADA request

    Ignition from Inductive Automation:  You just need the Report Module and the SQL Bridge Module.
  4. Here's an article that compares the prices between FactoryTalk View and Ignition:
  5. software for DNP3 protocol

    Ignition supports DNP3.
  6. How to Evaluate SCADA Frameworks?

    A SCADA framework is a software platform for creating SCADA applications. I recently wrote an article that can help people evaluating SCADA frameworks. It includes a checklist at the end that is also useful. The article is here: A Software Framework for SCADA Applications The article describes capabilities and functionality of an ideal SCADA framework.
  7. An Explanation of OPC-UA

    I wrote this blog post that explains what OPC-UA is and why it is useful: What is OPC-UA?