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  1. printing alarms with ns15

    I thought of something but correct me if i'm wrong. The ns hmi have some memory areas in which, amongst others, the last occuring alarm is stored as well as the last cleared alarm. Date, time are also allocated somewhere there. I could transfer these words to the plc (allocation same as nt models) and from the plc i could print always the last occuring alarm without having to write (in the plc) all the code for all the alarms. I will just use only the last one which will be stored to my plc coming from the hmi. Every time the alarm will change, the data in my stored word in the plc from the hmi monitor will be changed. Can somebody please help me out with that thought of mine? Thank you ​
  2. printing alarms with ns15

    hi guys how can i print with ns15 the last alarm occured,with date and time and when it is cleared with date and time? i also want to print all the alarm list when i.e a button is pushed . Thanks!
  3. connecting ixt4a to a cj1m/cp1l/ns network

    hi everybody i have a network with 2 pieces cj1m and 2 pieces cp1l communicating with a ns15 monitor. everything is fine. i need to connect an ixt4a monitor in that network. my question is : do i have to make new routing tables or it is not neccessary? my routing table for cj1m and cp1l cpus are attached. if then i have to make new routing table so that the cj1m will be able to communicate ixt4a monitor, how am i going to do it for both monitors? Any help will be mostly valuable and appreciated. thanks
  4. Hello everybody I'd like to connect the cp1l/em cpu unit with the a1000 inverter drive over ethernet. i want to read frequency and status (run forward,reverse,abnormal) and write frequency over the network. how do i have to configure the plc (ladder)? do i have to use any special command to read and write? Thank you in advance for your kind attention Georgios
  5. 4 cpus cp1e and 1 hmi beijer over rs485

    Hi i want to connect all 4 cpus(cp1e 40s) to the hmi(beijer ixt10a) over rs485. I don't want the cpus to communicate each other, but i need all of them to exchange data with the hmi. How can i do that. Do i have to make master/slaves and from the polled plc to exchange all the data or if i don't set up anything in the plc's i can communicate each one with the hmi if i set the nodes to each plc and the hmi(for four controllers). I mean i will just wire them and set the hmi that there are 4 controllers, i will set node 0,1,2,3 and after set the hmi to these nodes. Is it going to be any problem between the plcs that aren't programmed to communicate each other and will be wired with rs485? Thanks